Two great eBooks are now available at The Duran. #Epstein and #Ukrainegate. Follow the link for a 20% discount code. Video Eight

Below is a link to the Duran website where you can purchase the#Epstein and #Ukrainegate eBooks for $4.99 each. From now on, 100% of the money received will be donated to help the brave Australian firefighters, many of whom are volunteers.

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In this eighth video, Editor-in-Chief of The Duran Alexander Mercouris spends more time describing the contents of the #Epstein and #Russiagate eBooks. We’ve personally read both, they have some unique and compelling insights and are an excellent addition to the coverage currently appearing in some of the UK media. The US media is failing to cover this massive scandal:

“…the only way to understand the #Epstein scandal is as a scandal of the elite. I mean, not just of the American elite, but of course of the global elite because the thing that came across very obviously about #Epstein is that this is a man with global connections…”

Transcription of the contents, here:

AC:  …and that includes our two new eBooks that we’ve put on The Duran shop, which one of them touches on #Ukrainegate and the other one on the #Epstein saga. Alexander, two new eBooks.

AM: Indeed, two cases, two case studies of elite malpractice. I mean, if we turn to #Epstein first, I mean, the only way to understand the #Epstein scandal is as a scandal of the elite. I mean, not just of the American elite, but of course of the global elite because the thing that came across very obviously about #Epstein is that this is a man with global connections. Obviously, he’s based as we all know in the United States, he was supposedly a financier in New York. And nobody really knows how he made his money. But of course, he had very strong connections – as we’ve now discovered – with Britain. One of his closest associates, Ghislaine Maxwell, is British. The scandal is affecting Britain itself, with a member of the royal family, Prince Andrew involved. Well, Britain is not the only country where #Epstein had business or was involved in. He had a very, very swanky apartment in Paris, so he had connections with the French elite, which we’ve just been talking about. He had connections to Israel and there’s been lots of stories about that. He had connections to Saudi Arabia, where he claimed residence. And he was even the holder of a fake Australian passport. All very interesting and very confusing and very unexplained. But clearly someone who as I said belongs to this global elite that we are talking about. And we see in #Epstein certain interesting qualities of this elite. Firstly, its sense of complete immunity and unaccountability. I mean, #Epstein was able to carry out all these extraordinary crimes that he did in full public view, so he had people like Bill and Hillary Clinton coming along, he had people like Alan Dershowitz coming along, he had all sorts of other people.

And he had all these glamorous parties and all these victims were there. And supposedly nobody saw anything – which I don’t believe by the way – and nothing happened. So this enormous sense of privilege and power and lack of accountability and a sense that you can o anything you basically like. If you’re rich enough and powerful enough, you can get away with it. And the other thing that is so interesting about the #Epstein case is; consider the nature of his victims. These are not rich, powerful people. These are girls, mainly lower-class girls from local schools, easily enticed into his world, subject to appalling abuse and again, one senses an elite that really doesn’t care about such people anymore, that isn’t interested in them, that sees them essentially as objects to be exploited or manipulated or mistreated or abused, rather than as human beings with rights like everyone else’s rights. So in this book, we’ve talked about #Epstein, we talk about mysteries that surround the man, the fact that there’s so little known still about him, this extraordinary carapace of protection that encircled him, the continuing mysteries about his death. Even that isn’t being fully or properly explained. We look at the various interconnections we had. And as I said, we talk mainly and principally I think about not just Epstein himself but about the world in which he functioned.

And in our other book, that’s also a book about yet another elite scandal. Because we talk about the globalised elite, but we’re talking in this video about the technocrats who sustain Macron in power in France. We’ve seen the similar sort of technocrats in power in Washington. We saw them all operating round the clock during #Russiagate when the Trump campaign was put under massive surveillance because Donald Trump was seen as somebody who might threaten the position of that elite, and now we saw them all coming along as witnesses in the #Ukrainegate drama. People like Ambassadors and State Department officials and anonymous whistleblowers and all of those people. And again, it’s so obviously to my way of thinking an elite conspiracy against someone who is seen in some way, shape or form to be a threat to that elite. And in this book, we also discuss at considerable length, how thin the whole case of #Ukrainegate actually is. So two books about very similar topics and very similar topics to the ones that we’ve discussed on this video.


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