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Following the New York Post’s suggestion that Ghislaine Maxwell is being protected inside safe houses, likely to be run by an intelligence agency, in this seventh video, Editor-in-Chief of The Duran Alexander Mercouris spends more time describing the contents of the #Epstein and #Russiagate eBooks. We’ve personally read both, they have some unique and compelling insights and are an excellent addition to the coverage currently appearing in some of the UK media:

“He [Epstein] was able to operate apparently in clear view, carrying out these abominable and awful crimes and doing so with total impunity and despite the fact that so little ultimately is known about him…”

Transcription of contents:

AC:  …and it includes two new eBooks with a foreword by Alexander.

AM: Indeed, and one of them by the way is about #Epstein who we’ve been just talking about on this programme and about the nature of the scandal that involves #Epstein and we touch on many of the issues that we’ve been raising in this programme about what a mysterious and strange person he was, and how he was able to operate apparently in clear view, carrying out these abominable and awful crimes and doing so with total impunity. And despite the fact that so little ultimately is really known about him. I mean, how he made his money is mysterious, how he acquired his properties is mysterious, how he acquired this extraordinary circle of friends. All this is not really explained very well. But perhaps the strangest part of the whole #Epstein story is how little is being said about him even now. That the whole extent of the scandal which is on a simply huge scale, what he was doing, on an industrial scale, with countless victims we now know about. And yet you would think that this was the big story in the US and all the people who are involved in some way or some form would be hunted down and questions would be asked and the media would be chasing around after them and the FBI would be questioning all sorts of people. There’s been nothing like that at all. We have this very, very discreet, quiet enquiry and the media both in the US and elsewhere – including Britain – has not been covering this story in any detail. So it’s a very remarkable, very, very remarkable case, and in this book, we try to bring that out. And to discuss its various aspects to the extent that we can.

And of course, the contrast with the other book couldn’t be greater because there we have a scandal, #Ukrainegate, Which isn’t really a scandal at all because Donald Trump may have done all kinds of things but in this case, it’s not clear that he did anything. There’s no crime being alleged, there’s no actual wrongdoing being alleged. And all these people we are told are witnesses, when you drill down to it, they’re not witnesses to anything. So the President of the United States is being impeached over nothing. This is commanding the media. There’s been endless stories about this in the newspapers and on the internet and on television. We at The Duran have been forced to do vast programmes about this, and yet, there’s nothing of substance at all. So you have this extraordinary contrast in the way these two massive scandals are being dealt with. Massive in the case of one, it gets no coverage. Non-existent in the case of the other and it gets massive coverage. I mean, what is going on? And in itself, the very fact that we are asking that question I think provides a kind of answer because it shows the kind of state and society that we live in today. So those are our two books…

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