More information on the Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Centre


Our blog came very much alive on Facebook last night when a group of ladies, some of whom I believe are midwives came on in a rather ‘co-ordinated’ manner to strongly disagree with our position and recent posts regarding safety at the new Seacombe Birthing Centre.

The reason for our post today is to highlight and point readers to a January 2018 article – which we haven’t posted before – from the website

This is done to introduce some more information in advance of the 28th March 7:00 pm meeting at St Pauls Church, Church Road, Seacombe, called to take questions from the local public on this subject.  All are invited.

The article outlines the wider political context, which is extremely useful because it explains how there is a very concerted plan to continue installing these units as part of the future regionalisation programme under so-called Accountable Care Organisations and Strategic Transformation Plans.  Although on hold at the moment, pending a court case, the plan is to undermine the NHS by imposing these new structures which will enable private health companies to bid for NHS work in the future.

Under these plans, the NHS we know so well, and which is approaching its 70th birthday soon, will begin to lose the essential funding it needs to function and will be corroded from within.

Private Health Companies exist primarily to make profits and patient care does not sit at the forefront of their aims and values, for what they are worth.  We therefore need to be extremely vigilant.

We value and appreciate the ladies who commented on Facebook last night for the wonderful work they do, but we came away with the feeling that some members of the group were less than clued-up on the politics of all this.  We accept that midwives do a fantastic job, but those jobs are under threat in the current political climate, while we labour (no puns here) under a Tory government, which is engaged in an ideological dismantling of the NHS.

Here is the link:



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1 Response to More information on the Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Centre

  1. Bobby47 says:

    You’ve produced some wonderful work down the years lad and this series of articles covering this issue are as important as any you’ve ever reported on.
    I hope our Wirral girls get to read all the component parts of your body of work and it’s argument and work it out for themselves to weigh up all the risks they are taking before going along with something that someone originally thought, ‘this is a good idea’.
    Well done kid.

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