As the Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Unit opens, here’s a stark warning about the dangers

This is very important…

It’s a further warning about the risks associated with “Pop-up” birthing units, such as the one opening TODAY in Seacombe. Here is a link to some further alarming information about the dangers involved should you go ahead and risk delivering your baby beyond the INSTANT reach of the emergency services.

It should be noted that ambulance response times in the North West are currently among the slowest in the country with the service recently described as a shambles in Parliament.

An important corner was also recently turned:

Infant mortality rates are now on the rise in the UK.

The “Choice” mantra

Choice should never be confused with evidence-based evaluations.

Given that the public were never consulted and this alleged “choice” has been forced upon us, does anybody seriously believe that even one Wirral Councillor will have either researched evidence based evaluations or ensured that any were undertaken?

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