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Documentary filmmaker Lilian Franck has released a new exhibition revealing the World Health Organization (WHO), Bill Gates, and the global outbreak of corruption known as “public health.” Entitled, “TrustWHO,” the film exposes Gates and other globalist actors who run WHO policy with their corrupt wealth. The film also exposes the WHO’s strong loyalty to China, which is why the bogus public health agency helped cover up the lies of the communist regime about the true origin of the Chinese virus.

The WHO infamously partnered with social media giant Facebook to censor all skepticism about Fauci flu vaccines. He even issued a statement admitting that he had been in talks with Zuckerberg to “ensure that people can access reliable information about vaccines and reduce the spread of inaccuracies.”

www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/new-documentary-on-who-exposes-widespread..  (Oct 4, 2021)

In Australia, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews, a politician from the Australian state of Victoria, has announced that people who are “fully vaccinated” against the Wuhan coronavirus will only remain so if they agree to take all existing and future “booster” hits as well. . .

In the following presentation, watch as Andrews explains how there will be no freedoms for the “unvaccinated” in 2022, and by unvaccinated, he also refers to people who stop at just one (Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca) or two (Pfizer and Modern) strokes:



rumble.com/vnnjv8-4-and-5-year-old-given-covid-vax-end-up-in-hospital-..  (October 12, 2021)

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