Insane! Compulsory Jabbing of over Half of us with Natural Immunity by dangerous Vaccines that now don’t even Work against Delta!

The Free

By October 2021 we can safely assume that over 50%, the majority of Americans have already had Covid, and possess long lasting comprehensive Natural Immunity from sufferingCovid-19 or having Innate Immunity..

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Despite this, in the US and around the planet we are cajoled, threatened, blackmailed and finally forced to suffer dangerous experimental injections which have already passed their ‘sell by date’ as giving little or no protection against the Delta variant.

Fact Checked Info from Mises Institute, The British Medical Journal…

And even more crazy 40-60% of us already “have T cells, probably from suffering the flu or other coronaviruses, which give us Innate Natural Immunity to Covid-19”.

Three Big Reasons To Oppose Mandatory Vaccination

So we can safely say that over half the population may be faced with accepting a compulsory Covid vaccination which could even LESSEN our strong immunity by getting an overdose of antibodies.

Even worse we would be exposing…

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