Dr Malone: are dreaded ADE Reactions beginning? ADE killed the animals in all previous failed Corona Vaccine Experiments

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This looks like a new disaster. Little by little information and studies are escaping the dragnet of official and self censorship.

More and more convincing reports and data show not only an exponential rise in vaccinated people contracting mild Covid, but now also many getting worse, more infectious and more deadly doses.

Covid is everywhere. And if an ADE-like outbreak is really beginning to happen in a handful of places with maybe more truthful reporting..( Israel, Scotland , Australia, Gibraltar, Iceland , Massachusetts, England etc..) that implies it may be happening EVERYWHERE that live virus is used in their manufacture.

ADE infections could be mixed with diagnosed Delta infections. In reality there is no practical analytical way to even show you have the Delta variant. But you can check for ADE, according to Dr Malone, if the measured ‘titers’ are far higher than in unvaccinated people…

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