Massive food for thought for thinking people. I know you’re still out there somewhere. From John at The Slog.

The Slog

Tony Blair with Jeff Bezos’ Dad Mike in 2014

It comes as no surprise at all to me that former Amazon boss and billionaire Jeff Bezos is pouring millions into life longevity – “eternal life research” as he so modestly puts it. It does, after all, fit the psychographic profile of the 0.001% like a moleskin glove.

The Slog noted some months ago that Bezos (like Gates) is now part of the NWO Cabal’s public face; he’s on the team as Obersturmbannfuhrer Save the Planet….but clearly that’s megalomanic peanuts compared to a search for an elixir of life. For Jeff, only the Woody Allen approach to the issue will do: “I wanna be immortalised by not dying”.

It didn’t take much Secret State cajoling to get Jeff Bezos out of Amazon and into the Great Reset. He made his huge fortune (just over $200 billion) delivering stuff to billions of…

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