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It’s Brian, founder of COVID Legal USA and Editor-In-Chief of The COVID Blog. It’s going to be a very interesting fall season. We have lots to catch up on. Many people emailed us last week because they only read the headline of our article about the FDA approving the Pfizer/Comirnaty Biologics License Application (BLA) for their mRNA injections. That is “full approval,” but that’s not the whole story – not even close. There are over 1,500 more words in that article that break it down entirely. You’ll get a full understanding as to what happened and what it all means once you read it all. But there is a major update in that article. The top two FDA vaccine researchers and reviewers resigned their positions yesterday. Read more about that and the whole BLA/EUA approval process here. It seems that everything mainstream media call “conspiracy theory” is ultimately proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Truth simply cannot be hidden for long. You’ve probably all seen videos of people sticking quarters and other metal objects to the spot of their injections. All of them report feeling a magnetic field holding the items in place. Mainstream media called this “tin-foil hat.” Now Japan has suspended nearly 3 million doses of Moderna “vaccines” after investigators found “metallic particles” inside the vials. There’s also a good reason Japan had maintained relatively low COVID-19 case and death counts up until more people got injected this summer. Japan uses Ivermectin. No matter how hard mainstream media and big tech try and suppress this Nobel Prize-winning drug, they cannot do it. Again, truth can only be hidden for so long. Japan suspends use of Moderna injections after “metallic particles” found in vials; country continues using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 COVID Legal USA has been helping clients write their religious exemptions for work. Many have been successful. Keep in mind, religious freedom is specifically enumerated in the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment. There is no “compelling” government interest to inhibit your free practice of religion. Further, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch signaled last year in a case that overturned New York’s ban on in-person church services that no matter where this “pandemic” goes, the Constitution is still the law of the land. Medical exemptions are easier for employers to deny as those are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. We’re extremely busy at COVID Legal USA, so please be patient if you write us and you don’t get an immediate response.


Kim Jarvis: 57-year-old West Virginia woman declares “I’m vaccinated but don’t know what’s in it,” dead less than 24 hours later

Vinny Curry: career likely over for New York Jets (NFL) defensive end after post-injection blood clots, “rare blood disorder”

Bonnie Keefe: 61-year-old Canadian woman develops painful skin disease following Pfizer mRNA injection, told “don’t talk to media” by health authorities

Denham Hitchcock: Australian journalist hospitalized with pericarditis 25 days after Pfizer mRNA injection, insinuates AstraZeneca is safer

Maisy Evans: 17-year-old Welsh girl develops blood clots, hospitalized after first Pfizer mRNA injection, blames COVID, encourages teenagers to “get vaccinated”


Azorean Tatum: 16-year-old Tennessee kid collapses at school, dies days later after receiving Pfizer mRNA injection

Francesca Marcon: 38-year-old Italian volleyball player develops pericarditis after second Pfizer mRNA injection, wonders “who pays the price”

Kelly Higgins: 31-year-old Ohio woman talked into Moderna injection by her doctor, develops blood clots, myocarditis three days later 


For those wanting to order white pine needles for tea, read about them here and then order here. The COVID Blog is funded by you, the readers. There is no corporate influence and we’ll continue the hard-hitting, fact-based, well-referenced stories that you’ve grown to expect. Thank you very much to all of you who have contributed. Let’s ensure our voices continue being heard. We prefer checks or money orders payable to: Veracity Objectives, LLC.
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