Vaccine Scepticism, Followed By “The Death Knell to Vaccines” – Is This Bill Gates’ Grand Design?

Has anyone noticed the previous ‘good name’ and enviable reputation of vaccines steadily diminishing lately?

Why is Europe So Riddled With Vaccine Scepticism?

Several competing, rushed through, experimental vaccines – including FIVE more in China – being released all at once, and done by obvious design, is troubling.

Add to this the World Health Organisation’s recent re-definition of natural ‘herd immunity’ to make it solely reliant upon human intervention in the form of vaccines, and it begins to resemble clumsy manipulation.

Whom would this collapse in government / public approval ultimately serve? If we follow the funding money, precisely who would benefit?

Bill Gates is the WHO’s second largest funder behind the US Government, and the largest private funder by far.

Excerpt from: The World Economic Forum website

Gates is also clearly on the record in the above 2010 TED talk, displaying eugenicist leanings. Gates’ quote from this video extract goes, “The world today has 6.8 billion people … now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines … we could lower that by 10 to 15%”.

Lower public take-up of all vaccines in the future may well strike the death knell, and boost the potential for future pandemics, resulting in sweeping and devastating decreases in global population numbers.

So what are the ambitions of the vaccine makers, including Pfizer – fined $4.7 billion in the US alone over the last two decades

Pfizer remain free to make an immense fortune from COVID19 vaccines in the short term, and the malignant Pfizer history on proven anti-trust, criminal, unethical conduct is the clearest possible evidence that public health and wellbeing were never to the forefront.

Is COVID19 the vaccine makers’ final huzzah? Will they be compensated for huge future, projected losses as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet buy up vast tracts of high yield, hugely profitable farm land in a strategic move aimed at controlling global food production and supply?

As vaccine demand falls and the prices of ‘effective’ vaccines soar, will our collective acquiescence continue to grow whilst our own property, privacy and consumer power is gradually stripped away, our food is drip-fed to us and the Great Reset begins to take shape?

The last word on this is reserved for Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister:

Paul Cardin

22nd January 2021

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