Our Criminal Allegation Against Theresa May Falls at the First Hurdle

questioner to Theresa May during Question Time Leaders Debate

theresa may - diane abbott wiping DNA database

25th July 2017

Readers will recall an official complaint we made to the Metropolitan Police, amongst others, back in early June 2017.

It concerned an election broadcast featuring both Conservative and Labour party leaders, recorded and put out live on the evening of 2nd June 2017 from the City of York.  Our complaint alleged that during this programme, Theresa May committed a breach of the Representation of the People’s Act 1983 i.e. she committed a criminal offence.

Theresa May had made a clear reference to Labour’s Diane Abbott MP intending to “…wipe the details of criminals and terrorists from the UK DNA Database”, in the event she became Home Secretary after the 8th June 2017 Election.

Our initial complaint to the Met Police and their acknowledgment of it was covered here.

Yesterday, at long last, following an investigation – which included a referral to the Crown Prosecution Service – we received a response to our complaint.  Here is the email:



24 07 17 - Met police full response to Theresa May allegation

So Jim Morrison didn’t open any Doors, or break on through to the other side.


Crucially, within the Act, it appears allegations of any breaches of Section 106 must refer to the personal  conduct or character of the individual referred to, as opposed to their political  conduct or character.

We have no legal training or qualifications, but it appears to our lay mind that the Representation of the People’s Act Section 106 as it stands permits any and all dreamt up fabrications to be made about the political conduct or character of opponents, as long as the protagonists do not stray into personal criticisms.  But surely isn’t it political conduct or character that is relevant here?

Precisely why have personal criticisms been targeted?  And what have personal criticisms got to do with “Representation of the People”? Answers on a postcard please.

As it stands, the Tories (and Labour and others) appear to be free to make up what the hell they like re: political conduct or character.  Nothing stands in their way.  We say that with confidence, because we’ve explored a few avenues with this.  We also approached The Electoral Commission who referred us to OFCOM! and the Crown Prosecution Service, who refused to refer it to the police.

We’d suggest that because the Tories have enjoyed the sympathy and backing of Murdoch, the BBC, and a huge proportion of the UK media for many years, the Labour Party, their chief opponents, will always be playing catch up.

Corbyn and company have been and will continue to be coming in for a welter of groundless and unwarranted criticism.

See the current barrage of undiluted #FakeNews coming in from all quarters re: Labour’s manifesto and the falsehood that Labour intended to wipe student debts)

But it won’t be confined to everyday politics.  As things stand, during election periods, what’s regurgitated on live television to large audiences holds high impact, but will be waved through, allowed to proceed unchecked and will surely influence millions of undecided voters’ minds.  So politicians remain “free to fill their boots”.  

We’ve issued the following five words a LOT lately.

We are very poorly served.


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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10 Responses to Our Criminal Allegation Against Theresa May Falls at the First Hurdle

  1. Karen Rosser says:

    Typical!! They manipulate everything to their advantage! The Law is an ass!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. A disappointing, yet unsurprising, conclusion. Credit to you for pushing the issue.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thanks. I think the most surprising thing here is the different conclusions reached by the various bodies contacted. The stakes are very high, but there appears to be a lack of any consistent approach, and inside the vacuum created, politicians are free to lie and manipulate to their hearts’ content.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Sarah Rapley says:

    Thank-you for taking the time , effort and commitment of relaying topics I haven’t come across elsewhere or have been instrumental in exposing the right-wing antics.


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  6. gillkennard says:

    It’s sickening that the People’s Representation Act does not cover straightforward lying. That is ridiculous. Tories can say what they like and most of the public are ready to believe them and no outcry will be heard from the MSM to counteract the lies. If Labour tried it on no prizes for guessing the outcome.


  7. James Griffiths says:

    G’day Paul

    The system stinks and I think the reds also talked bullshit about education.

    I also believe “Philly Liar” relies on this kind of law when he stands and lies in public.



    I believe if you lie behind the law you will lie in normal life and “Philly Liar” AdderleyDadderleyDooLally and “The Pretend Friend” are just lying barstards.


  8. wirralbizz says:

    I never thought I would write this


    They tried on breaches of Canon Law including LYING.

    The penalyies could be a trifle harsh like having a red hot poker through ones tongue or ears cut off but one could modify the range of penalties


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