Our Allegation Against the Prime Minister – the Crown Prosecution Service Refused to Refer it to the Police

HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate.jpg


12th June 2017

At the beginning of June we lodged an allegation that the Prime Minister had lied about an opponent during the election campaign.  We viewed this as not just unlawful, but serious and potentially damaging because it occurred during a live election broadcast attended by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.  This programme was watched on the BBC by many millions – a large number of whom would not yet have made their minds up on how to cast their vote.

We later updated the story here and here.

As you can see at the above links we’ve notified four separate regulatory or police bodies whom we felt needed to be aware of a potential criminal offence.

With the Crown Prosecution Service finally replying in an email today, all four have now responded.

This was our first notification email:

12 06 17 - my Jun 6th email to CPS

Here is the YouTube link again for those interested in watching the alleged offence:



This was the email we received today from the Crown Prosecution Service:

12 06 17 - CPS Jun 12th email to me

Then our response, also today:

12 06 17 - my second Jun 6th email to CPS.jpg

And the CPS came back with the following, also received today:

12 06 17 - CPS Jun 12th second email to me

And the final email in this exchange was sent this afternoon at 5:39 pm:

12 06 17 - my second third Jun 12th email to CPS

Not surprisingly, plenty of questionable and contradictory points have been made above by the CPS and we won’t be outlining or challenging these until we’ve received Nick Vamos’ email and got in touch with him.

But rest reassured that this blog post will be updated as and when that happens.

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