#FoI request – Payouts to Officers of Wirral Council


From: Paul Cardin
6 October 2013

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

Please browse to Wirral Leaks, an increasingly popular Wirral-based blog, and to the post dated 5th October 2013, entitled:

“Bullying Is An Ugg-ly Business”


This blog has been the source of entirely accurate information in the past and worryingly, this particular thread reports that an unnamed officer of the council has recently been compensated in the sum of £48,000 (tax free) – following what appears to have been an internal dispute / complaint.
I would like you to read the article and provide details of ALL council officers who have been in receipt of these kind of payments, whether hidden or declared, in these or similar circumstances.

Please provide:

  • 1. Date of payment
  • 2. Amount of payment
  • 3. Reason for payment
  • 4. Have the payment / circumstances been declared publicly?
  • 5. Subject matter e.g. Racial Discrimination; Bullying & Harassment; Dignity at Work Complaint, etc.
  • 6. Copies of reports; aide memoirs; emails; letters; memoranda; notes; meeting minutes; meeting notes (verbatim or non-verbatim), whether in written or electronic format, and connected to meetings, council scrutiny committees, investigations (internal or external), and / or the processing of any payments.
  • 7. Outcome – e.g. whether employees involved are still employed by the council.
  • 8. Disciplinary Action involved, if any.
  • 9. Number of employees involved in dispute / complaint
  • 10. Number of employees in receipt of payment(s)

I am not asking for names or job positions / sections / departments as I’m aware these details could be used to identify employees and thereby infringe upon their personal privacy. Please redact such identifying information in line with the Data Protection Act.
However, please do not overstep the mark by redacting e.g. the quantities in public money that may have been paid out to officers. Such details are vital to the legitimate and compelling public interest.

Please be kind enough to acknowledge receipt of this FoI request as soon as possible,
Yours faithfully,
Paul Cardin

16th October 2013

Following the farcical full Council Meeting on Monday, where the Council Leader and the Chief Executive came together ‘in Unison’ to “shut up shop”, Wirral Leaks have more intriguing comments:


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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