#FoI Request 005/11 ~ Cheshire West and Chester – Register of Senior Officers’ Personal Interests

Senior Officers – a Requirement to Declare and Register Personal Interests

This request was updated by Cheshire West and Chester Council on 30th August, with some very good news.

My internal review has been upheld.  The council had failed to successfully apply a Section 22 exemption, as expected, and their desire to hold onto the information until October collapsed.  They have now offered to produce it within 35 days (October – lol).  As the scope was reduced significantly, I’ve asked for it within 14 days.

But, it’s not all over.  They are still claiming that it’s completely up to the council how the information is drawn up and that the ICO’s involvement in John Greenwood’s Bolton case, applied to Bolton alone.  The message they want to send out to the Cheshire public is that the ICO’s landmark decision on Bolton has no bearing upon what goes on in Cheshire (!)

I’ve reminded them of their public duties, and the requirement to operate accordingly, by applying checks and balances, and for elected members to scrutinise these areas on behalf of the local electorate.  Full democratic scrutiny of policies is an important area that they appear to have fallen down on in the past (see post regarding FoI / DPA ban).

So, despite the fact Cheshire West have agreed to publish (with redactions), they’re not yet putting out the full information – the details that the public want to see.  An appeal to the Information Commissioner is currently being drawn up.

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