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Mike Fowler and learning disabled abuse. Brook Charity are on the lookout for a new CEO

11th July 2015 http://blowingthewhistleonareallyrottenborou.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/we-cant-bury-our-head-in-sand-for-too.html Quite despicably, this was how Mike Fowler tried to extricate himself, his colleague Maura Noone (Employee B), and his organisation Wirral Council from years of learning disabled abuse: ‘ONCE WE GO FOR A ‘REIMBURSEMENT’ THE COVER’S … Continue reading

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Brook appear to be lying low re: Mike Fowler / foul abuse

9th July 2015 Following our discovery a few days ago that Mike Fowler, who left Wirral Council under a cloud amid official findings that the council had corporately abused learning disabled people, we’ve been reaching out and attempting to contact his … Continue reading

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Corporate abuse of disabled people needn’t sound the death knell for your career

***11th July 2015 – update*** Brook are looking for a new CEO See also: Brook appear to be lying low re: Mike Fowler / foul abuse 7th July 2015 Some years ago, Wirral Borough Council’s reputation lay in complete tatters, after … Continue reading

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