Back-writing the virus/vaccine tosh and dumping Boris are just more False Dawns

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Little Blond Rooster’s on the prowl?

From time to time in the life of a serious blogger (and by ‘serious’, I mean ‘seriously obsessed’) the nature of banal and tedious repetition in every human existence pokes one in the chest, asking “Why don’t you get your lazy backside down to Lidl/into the kitchen/out into the garden and do the shopping/dishes and lawns?”. Note the plural of ‘lawn’ in there to let you all know that I am a bloke of means who likes largin’ it.

So Monday and Tuesday of this week so far have been doey-doey days, and then yesterday afternoon was thinky-thinky time, followed by typey-typey in the evening. After this, one goes onto Twitter for some argey-bargey and then perhaps onto a dating site in search of some rumpy- pumpy. If any of this is getting too technical for you, do write and let me know.


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