Dangerous Misinformation Becomes Science. Again.

T-cell immunity and gain-of-function.
Tessa Lena
Jan 11

This story is about two things: a curious announcement from the Imperial College of London, and a similarly curious video from Project Veritas.

#1. For the millionth time, the “dangerous misinformation” of yesterday becomes the science of today.

As usual—magically—it happens just as this supposedly “new” science can be gracefully used as a part of an advertising campaign for a new lucrative medical product. Simple and elegant. Marketing works!
Everyone, meet t-cell immunity.

Here’s something just recently was smugly mocked and bitterly scolded by the mainstream—but today, it is brought to us by the Imperial College of London (OMG).Today, they tell us that robust T-cell immunity from common colds can provide protection against COVID.Sure enough, they can’t help themselves and kind of hush over the really big implications of their admission—and go straight to the part where they can utilize this “new” science as a springboard to set the mood of the public for a blockbuster pan-coronavirus vaccine, a longstanding dream of the notorious emperor of gain-of-function research, Peter Daszac.

(I wrote about Daszac in detail earlier but here is the quote. It’s from 2015, and it comes from a paper residing on the NIH website.)
Anyway, here is the story from the Imperial College of London.
Leave a comment#2. Project Veritas.

Project Veritas released a new video that is worth watching. In short, it is about NIAID going around DARPA (which is strange, as they are buddies) to do gain-of-function research related to bat coronaviruses.

A disclaimer:As far as this video, I am just sharing it before the tweet goes away. It is interesting.I try to practice intellectual honesty, and I don’t want to make any definitive statements about the nature and the origins of what we know as “SARS-CoV-2,” or viruses in general. I am writing a more long-form story about that with all the nuance—and in the meanwhile, I stick to my general position that it’s okay to be agnostic about certain things. The world is big and complex, and there are many things that we cannot know with certainty, and it is actually an acceptable state of being because regardless of what SARS-CoV-2 is or isn’t, the “health response” is sheer abuse and a power grab, driven by something other motives—and that, I am convinced of.

That said, a few comments:
Gain-of-function research has been going on for a very long time (and something tells me that certain aspects of it are and will remain truly secret and hidden from the peasants’ ears, meaning that we will never know about them even if we all have to die from the consequences). David Martin, whose credentials in the field seem stellar, has stated very passionately in multiple interviews and testimonies that in terms of genetic sequences, everything that pertains to “SARS-CoV-2,” has corresponding intellectual property registered during the time preceding the pandemic, sometime by more than ten years.The field of synthetic biology (i.e. engineering “organisms” that combine genetic material with some kind of technology or other “designer” modifications) is currently extremely advanced and very generously funded.

A lot of money is being poured into synthetic biology as I am typing this. A lot of development is happening, including in the military—and it is pretty sci-fi. It is so sci-fi that even as I read research papers with my own eyes or watch military presentations where they brag about what crazy things they can do, my brain kind of refuses to take is seriously because all this is straight out of science fiction.

Now, I am not sure how well all this synthetic biology can work for any sort of positive purposes—but the purposes are mostly not very positive, the research is mostly about warfare and surveillance.

Which is all to say that I have no idea what this “SARS-CoV-2” is or is not. I know that the tests (as accurate as Theranos) and the COVID injections were officially made on the basis of a computer-generated genetic sequences. I know that synthetic biology really is extremely advanced, in general. And in that case, in practical terms—regardless of what the true nature of viruses is or is not, which is a topic I am not dogmatic about in either direction—we could be looking at synthetic biology at its finest (or its ugliest, to be more precise). The most important thing to me personally is that we are being majorly abused by those in power, and marched toward a really unseemly reform. I am also very bothered by medical murder, it is heartbreaking and totalitarian. The rest of it can be debated once we succeed at defending our dignity.

In any case, here is the Project Veritas reporting.

Eric Spracklen🇺🇸 @EricSpracklenProject Veritas obtained a never seen before report to the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, written by U.S. Marine Corp Major, Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow. #ExposeFauci January 11th 2022384 Retweets747 LikesFull story:

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