Important message from Dr Robert Malone on his recent ban from Twitter

Epoch Times wrote a little piece on my moving over to GETTR, which was super nice of them. Please join me on GETTR and please write in the comments other social media venues that you like to read. I also belong to and post on GAB. Yes, you can find me on Linked-in, but I am careful what I post there. The Telegram account also auto-tweets posts and although I don’t own that account, the person does a fantastic job.

Of course, the fact that Twitter permanently banned me without any notice and without ANY reason given – other than I violated “content” (actual violation was not defined) is shocking. Yes, I do have a number of lawyers working on this. Yes, there will be action of some sort coming. I just don’t know yet what form it will take. The Alex Berenson lawsuit against Twitter for banning him for tweeting about vaccines’ failure to stop the infection and transmission of the virus, a tweet that Twitter labeled “misleading.”, is an initial salvo in what is likely to be a long legal fight to regain freedom of speech in this public forum. It is important to recognize that Twitter is now relying on big media such as Thompson-Reuters to provide “factchecking” regarding “misleading” information concerning vaccines. Reuters is horizontally integrated with Pfizer at the Board of Directors level, and their “factcheckers” have been harassing me this week because I spoke about the risks associated with SARS-CoV-2 genetic vaccination in children with Neil Oliver on UK-based GB News.

As to what triggered Twitter, the last thing I posted related to this excellent summary of the Pfizer malfeasance and data manipulation in their “Comirnaty” vaccine clinical studies.

This is censorship. Pure and simple. This is what our country has come to. No better than China. So, I join the ranks of other patriots for freedom who have been banned.

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