Taiwan … US democracy or US DEBT…?



What does this document in the video above mean? Why is the Philippines so prominent on its Face page and throughout?

There are many things we aren’t told in this world. Like, why does China so desperately want back Taiwan (formerly Formosa)? And, why does the USA oppose Taiwans reunification with mainland China?

In 1949, the General Chiang Kai-shek led Nationalist fled to Taiwan from Mao Tse Tung’s Communists. The nationalists had transferred all of China’s massive Gold Reserves with the US Federal Reserve for safe keeping. It was for safekeeping and in the event the Communists sized Formosa too.

In return, the Federal Reserve sent the Nationalists bearer Bonds, known as Morganthel Bonds, so named after the Chicago Fed Governor at the time. The plane carrying the Bonds to the Nationalists, crashed in the Philippines jungle. Two villagers found the crashed plane some 20 years later. Philippines Dictator, President Marcos got hold of the Bonds and refused to hand them over. He was later overthrown with the aid of the CIA under the guise of a popular people’s uprising. He fled the Philippines and was kept under house arrest in Hawaii by the Americans.

That story and the whereabouts of the Bonds today is too lengthy for here for your Catholic Dissident Priest to retell. Furthermore, it’s not for your ears or eyes.

It should be noted that Ferdinand Marco’s son, Bong Bong Marcos is the front runner for the May 2022 Presidental Election. He rightly intends to vindicate his father. To this day, his 92 year old mother Imelda, often claims in private, to be the richest person on earth. Indeed, she has some of the Morganthel Bonds displayed on the Walls of her Makati, Manila Penthouse. The Bonds cannot be redeemed at the Federal Reserve without a world powerful military.

The Bonds represented the greatest store of wealth the world has ever known. This is Centuries of accumulated Chinese wealth. Indeed, for millennia China only dealt in gold and silver for its world trade. This eventually led to the Sassoon Opium wars of the UK, and the great China ‘Century of Humiliation’ until 1949.

America squandered China’s wealth up to 1971 when under President Nixon it came off the Gold Standard under the behest of Henry Kissenger, who had Nixon agree to recognise China. The theft of China’s gold by the Rothschild Banker’s via its owned Federal Reserve, and the decoupling of the US dollar off the gold Standard for full fiat status, and the US formal recognition of China, were all linked!

Since 1971, nothing has backed the US dollar. The Gold ended up in Rothschild banker’s hands. America under Clinton agreed to give a economically and militaryly weakened China, “Most Favoured Trading” nation status to keep it temporarily silent. That silence is coming to and end with a resurgent of a powerful China aligning itself with Russia to challenge the USA for world supremecy.

China now wants back its national Gold Reserves. When Taiwan is reunified, with the mainland, China will have moral, legal authority and military power, with Russia, to demand the return of its Gold. This single event, and a fully backed Gold Yuan, will destroy the US dollar as the world Reserve Currency. With it goes the US financial system. It collapses. This is imenent. Brace yourselves.

The USA cannot let Taiwan fall to the Chinese. The USA’s commitment to Taiwan has nothing to do with Democracy. It’s all about money and a debt it can’t repay.

The Morganthel Bonds are still in the Philippines under Masonic and Zionist Control. They can’t be allowed to resurface. This video is the distribution document to nations, represented by those bnds. Hence, the Philippines prominence in the documents. Watch the video very carefully for Philippines references not mentioned by the narration.

This story is the greatest story never told.

Only here will you learn of these matters.

Your Dissident Priest

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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