If you don’t yet subscribe to Jeff Childers daily news column, “Coffee & COVID”, I highly recommend it … Dr Mike Yeadon

It’s an enjoyable combination of clear, economical writing, coupled with a lot of “need to know” factoids as the stories.
There’s another reason to read voices such as Mr Childers: MSM has gone AWOL early in 2020 & isn’t expected to make a return. So that’s a silver lining.
Here’s a clip that’s very important, especially in U.K., where “Omicron” is being used to justify the horrific “vaccine passports”.
Please, you must reject VaxPass at FIRST SIGHT in your country. Rouse everyone around you. We get just one shot at this (forgive me).
Best wishes

Pro-injection scientist Peter Hotez tweeted over the weekend that he’s “gone through most of the stages of grief for the Pfizer vaccine holding the line vs omicron.” He says “It’s not the 70-75% protection vs symptomatic illness that bothers me, but the seemingly rapid decline after just a few weeks.”

Stages of grief! My goodness. Somebody send him some flowers or something.

The numbers are really starting to look bad.

A new UK study titled “Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against the Omicron variant of concern” reported that two injections basically don’t provide any significant protection against Omicron, with rates as low as only 6% effectiveness! The study was only able to be published because the authors also found that, right after a third Pfizer jab, effectiveness jumps back up — not to 95%, but only to 75%.

They didn’t estimate how long the boosted 75% efficacy would last. At all.

And, if VE rebounds to only 75% with the 3rd shot, what about the 4th? Will it spring back up to 75%? Or will it be something like 55%?

And, what about the NEXT variant? Will it evade the jabs even better than Omicron? Is the spike protein on the virus getting too different from the original formula in the jabs?

So NOW we see why Omicron must be stopped, at all costs. It’s not that it’s a threat: the cases are very mild and nobody’s dying. Which would be great if it took over. The problem is that the new variant threatens the injection industry. It’s a Doomsday Variant all right. Just not for people. It’s a Doomsday Variant for stockholders.


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