Omi-con- Nobody Dies! – Delta being Crushed! – Vax Passports becoming Ridiculous! – End Pandemic in sight?

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“Harmless”Omicron infectss 100% of Fully Vaxxed at party. Supplanting Delta! Making Vax Passports Absurd!. Could END Pandemic??

from Emily Cleary at Yahoo News + off-guardian:++ December 2021. Shared with thanks

All were vaccinated. Some infected had mild symptoms. All had done self-tests”

At least 17 people suspected of having the Omicron variant of coronavirus after a ‘super spreader’ Christmas party in Oslo were fully vaccinated, city health officials have said.

Omicron Variant - Rate & Review

On Friday, it was confirmed 13 people in Norway had tested positive for the variant in the wake of a corporate Christmas party in Oslo last week..

He added that most the infected had mild symptoms and that the party organisers had broken no rules.

A city health official told the AFP news agency that 60 people of the 100-plus guests had tested positive.

Cult-owned Big Pharma unveils its plans for Omicron strain ...

“Health authorities have confirmed a further 12 cases of Omicron in Oslo after an…

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