Control Group News. Exemptions.

WIIT comment: It’s not a vaccine, so all of us are unvaccinated.

Hello everyone.

We have been receiving increasing messages from people asking the Control Group to facilitate getting an exemption through the NHS Covid Pass in the UK.

The Control Group did help people with PROMIC forms as a short term solution to helping people and carers keep their jobs, but we cannot under any circumstances give anyone an ‘official’ exemption through a government Covid pass or other vaccine passport.

We understand what a difficult time many of you are having; losing jobs and trying to protect your children and family and we deeply feel for each and every one of you in this difficult time.

We want to remind you what this Covid Pass may mean. It is essentially a vaccine passport and will be used to push the unvaccinated population out of society. Out of their jobs, their places of worship, their bank accounts, their local supermarkets and more.

By using this Covid pass, even as an unvaccinated individual you are supporting this to happen and this is something we do not personally wish to be a part of.

We are firmly against vaccine passports and feel that the Control Group Cooperative is about the coming together of all people who feel the same. We are uniting in huge numbers all over the world and we must stay strong and remain against such measures together!

Use your membership ID cards to help with the confidence to say no, state your human rights, find non-discriminatory businesses to replace the ones you usually use. But please we urge you, do not go down the route of using this passport, even as exempt.

Lets stand and be heard as one, let’s change the future for the better, let’s be the voices for our children!

We wish everyone strength and light to overcome the challenges we all face in the near future and we will continue to devote our time and energy to doing whatever it takes to fix this.

Rachael, Diny, Dez, Gwendoline and Barnaby.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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