When is a vaccine not a vaccine? When it’s a gene therapy. Dr Mike Yeadon

The rotten liars at the US CDC unilaterally changed the definition of a vaccine.

Sorry people, no one died & left you in charge of defining what words mean.

Seriously, a vaccine had held a particular meaning for decades at least.

It’s explicitly the case here that the covid19 “vaccines” didn’t meet the definition of the word.

That left then open to accusations that these agents aren’t vaccines at all.

In order to fend off legitimate objections, THEY CHANGED THE DEFINITION OF VACCINE.

For all my life, it’s meant the administration of a preparation of killed or weakened infectious disease organism, bringing about immunity to that organism. The effect of that immunity is to prevent development of clinical illness if infected again by that organism. It doesn’t always prevent infection but such infections remain sub-clinical. Vaccines also prevent transmission, because the body of the person with immunity after vaccination will not allow the infectious organism to replicate to any great extent. Finally, the vaccinated person is generally protected against relatives of the organism in question because our immune systems have memorised dozens of structural features of the organism, common to related infections.

Now they’ve changed it such that a vaccine now merely“stimulates the bodies immune response against a disease”.

Sorry. That’s so vague that, on this definition, a vitamin D capsule is a vaccine.

In the end though, the argument isn’t about whether the gene-based preparations are vaccines or not.

Here’s the key point. If they’re vaccines, people automatically ascribe to them characteristics that are typical of all prior vaccines, especially that they’re widely regarded as safe and that the immunity provides tremendous protection against clinical illness.

No wonder they fight so desperately to cling to the V word.

Of course they’re not vaccines. They don’t provide good protection against clinical illness. The original clinical trials results were merely what’s called an “interim analysis” (around 1/3rd of the way through the trial, a normal part of a clinical trial, but what’s NOT normal is to lie, to deceive & pretend those data are “the results”) & the thing measured was NOT severe illness, hospitalisation & death, but only MINOR SYMPTOMS, like a cough or a runny nose.

Almost no one knows that the medicines regulators regard the technology as “genetic therapy. Explicitly they gave guidance for development of products exactly like this, if the thing to which you’re supposed to become immune is part of a cancer. This is what DNA- & mRNA-“vaccines” were conceived as. And the development requirements are HUGE. Consider the kind of person likely to receive one of these Star Trek style genetic therapies against a cancer. Short life expectancies & failure of other modes of treatment. Nevertheless the regulatory agencies have a long list of requirements & long term obligations for the drug company to meet.

But absurdly, if the thing to which you’re supposed to be come immune is part of an infectious disease miraculously, exactly the same design of product is treated as if it was a “vaccine” of the same mode of action as all previous vaccines.

This is an extremely lightweight set of obligations. The reason they do that is that because prior vaccines are (with notable exceptions) generally considered safe.

Since these agents WORK IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT WAY, it’s reckless to assign an expectation of good safety to it, merely because they’ve shoehorned the word “vaccine” somewhere into its description / definition.

Evil fools.

So you’re not “anti-Vax” but “anti-badly tested novel technology genetic therapy”

Best wishes

Dr Mike Yeadon

Ps: apologies for drifting off topic.

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