I don’t like or trust this person who succeeded Ian Read (who I did know somewhat) but he has a fully visible scientific & business career underwriting his giddy ascent to the dual role of CEO & Executive Chairman of Pfizer, Inc.

He likes the limelight & is often on US network TV.

His most recent appearance had him express pleasure at their new antiviral in covid19.

Surely small molecule treatments completely negate the anyway illogical vaccine passports?

Even if VaxPass had had a correct logic (which they don’t, since they neither prevent clinical infection or transmission…based on which it’s implausible that they could reduce severe outcomes either) now that a five day course of twice daily doses provides notionally similar clinical benefits, who in their right mind would take a vaccine? Or a booster?

Vaccines, even good ones, bring about a permanent change to your immune system. They’re meant to. That’s how they work (if they do).

A safe & effective small molecule treatment will wash out within 5 half-lives (given twice daily, the half life is probably hours, not days), with a major upside: you will still encounter the pathogen, if it’s real, and you will finish with normally acquired natural immunity. Job done.

So what’s happening here might be seen as the beginning of the end. I say this with huge caution, but I don’t see how the global deception can continue for much longer.

Do not get vaccinated. Do not give in.

Hold the line.


Dr Mike Yeadon


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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