Halloween Special : Haunted

Happy Halloween !


Although reporting Wirral Council horror stories is our stock in trade our fiendish readers realise we always like to make a special effort on Halloween.




So reporting (almost) live from the gothic monstrosity that is Leaky Towers we bring you the leading mischief makers in the Wirralgate scandal that haunts Wirral Council.This is the scandal which the local poltergeist politicians want to keep hidden in the basement like the body of Norman Bates’s mother.Frank-N-Field

The Rt.Hon Frankenfield has like Dr. Frankenstein created a monster.That monster has been cobbled together from a small group of obedient halfwits and an amoral wannabe.

This monster has been running amok for years always knowing that Frankenfield will defend his unco-ordinated , incoherent and clumsy creation.

However by setting up the call which ended in a fateful recorded conversation he effectively created the Wirralgate scandal.

Mental-PowerBoyThe eternal wannabe council leader Power Boy…

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1 Response to Halloween Special : Haunted

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    God above! I had no idea. They both look so dreadfully poorly. How on earth did Wirral Leaks manage to get these two telling images that do a great deal to demonstrate what happens to your face following demonic possession. Hats off to The Leaks I say. You don’t capture photographic images like these without patience and a fair measure of good fortune.
    Poor bastards I say! Course, there’s no telling who’s possessed by what. You simply can’t say. Some fool with limited knowledge might take a stab at the answer and name the demon that’s contorted the face of Councillor Davies, but it’d be a guess and nothing but a guess.
    My view is it’ll be both the Incubus and the Succubus. Not together mind. These two demonic spirits only ever take a host body separately. By the looks of Frank, I’d say it’s the Incubus but it’d be a guess based only on my past involvement with the Ouija Board when I summoned up the spirit of my late wife in an effort to discover where the rotten old bag had hidden me porn collection.
    Mind, Councillor Davies looks equally bewildered doesn’t he. Just look at his teeth. That’s the work of the Succubus. I’m sure of it. You don’t get teeth like that if you’ve encounter the Incubus. It’ll be the Succubus. I’m certain of it. This dreadful demonic spirit is noted for attacking and buggering up the dental structure of the upper and lower jaws, hence the ‘suck’ part of its terrible name. Mind, quite why it’s fixated upon buggering up the teeth is beyond me.
    No! All in all you’ve gotta take your hat off to The Leaks who once again have produced a remarkable piece of investigative reporting highlighting the dark forces that haunt Wirral BC.


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