United Kingdom, latest. Cancer causing Ethylene Oxide used on swabs in children’s Lateral Flow COVID testing kits. A statement is in today from Lord Bethell of the UK Department of Health and Social Care

Lord Bethell fobs us off with weasel words amounting to nothing. The dangerous situation with unknown quantities of cancer causing ethylene oxide in children’s lateral flow test kits continues … unaddressed.

UPDATE from The Expose – 4th January 2022


Wirral In It Together

Our overriding concern here was a reasonable one. We’re told that the residual amounts are tiny – in the micrograms – but with millions of healthy UK children, including our own, being pressured into using these tests twice a week by their schools, it was possible that such frequent use could result in a cumulative build-up of cancer-causing ethylene oxide inside their bodies, potentially resulting in a heightened risk of developing leukaemia and other life-threatening cancers.

Nowhere within Lord Bethell’s ill-considered reply – bizzarely focusing on ‘misinformation from UK citizens’ – is this possibility addressed or considered. It therefore amounts to a non-response to what was an extremely urgent query. Moreover, the UK public have been made to sit and wait for two whole months.

Our specific concern about a potential accumulation of ethylene oxide in the body or bloodstream was covered in more detail here, in this separately published…

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