No wonder they call mental institutions The Funny Farm

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Spontaneous social media trends with a Soviet flavour, the great flu v Covid debate viewed as a tribute to the early art of Salvador Dali, France’s new Minister of Truth turns out to be a big fat fibber so there, he is so, and Zero Hedge takes a punt on the French ‘universal mandatory vaccination from January 1st 2022’ story. Let’s hope it’s coming to take them all away, haha.

On Twitter this morning, there is a highly inflammatory ‘trend’ called Terrorism that has already ‘received’ over 64,000 tweets. Just think about that for a second or two.

64,000 twatters wake up and think, “Today’s Friday, must tweet about the dangers of terrorism”. The way you do. Among the gems in there are US teachers demanding that all students who disagree with the Biden line on the twin terrors of Covid19 and rooting for Trump while sacking the Congress building…

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