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Our vaccine adverse event reporting system is quite different from the US. Since our entire medical system is funded by National Health Insurance, it gives our government immense control over the data collected from every single patient in every hospital.

As far as I can tell from this manual,


the government requires that all entities who attempt to submit vaccine adverse reaction reports have to log in to our VAERS system with a “certified” IP, which only applies to clinics and hospitals that have requested, and subsequently granted access privilege to the VAERS system by our government. In other words, if I as a random citizen want to report adverse events and click on the VAERS link, I’ll be blocked by the server, and only seeing a blank web page refusing to load.

As for your question about post-vac injury treatment, to be honest I don’t really know, because our media isn’t talking about it, our government isn’t talking about it, and no high profile doctors is talking about it, neither, as if the vaccine injury is just not a thing in our standard medical diagnosing criteria. So if I have to take a guess, our average doctors are probably just treating the symptoms of the vaccine injured patients as they see fit, without drawing the connection to the vaccines, not even possible to consider using Ivermectin, of course.

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