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“The loss of Afghanistan jeopardizes the Empire’s hegemony over its coveted Eurasian world-island and ultimately everywhere else. The Empire has already been check-mated in Ukraine; it lost Syria and their hold on Iraq has all but slipped away. Afghanistan may well prove to be its mortal wound.” Alex Krainer

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The latest podcast interview with Alex Krainer.
News headlines included. Be Seeing You, Hrvoje Morić, Host of The Geopolitics & Empire Podcast

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Alex Krainer discusses how Afghanistan signals the American Empire’s loss of hegemony over Mackinder’s “World Island” and everywhere else (e.g. Ukraine, Syria, Iraq), the game is up. He believes that Beijing had initially been propped up by Western elites, but given the recent turn against China by George Soros and Co, the CCP mislead and is now abandoning the global elites. They have not forgotten the Century of Humiliation. The economic fallout of U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan could mean equity and bond bubbles bursting, upward pressure on commodity prices, and high rates of inflation in the American financial system. He believes the dollar world reserve status can shrink rapidly in the coming years. He discusses his recent accurate Bitcoin price prediction and why precious metals and commodities are poised for an explosive rally. Regarding COVID1984 and the Great Reset, he’s optimistic in that Davos, like Icarus, is flying too close to the sun and ultimately will fail.

Great Reset & Biopolitics

Viganò: Considerations on Great Reset & NWOSelf-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse & Pandemic SimulationTrudeau to apply radical Covid policies to ‘climate

emergency’Cassandras Were Right: Cure for COVID Proven Worse Than DiseaseWhat if Coronavirus Crisis Is Just a Trial Run?Fauci Used Taxpayer Money to Have Dogs Tortured & Eaten Alive

Scott Atlas: Science Killed Itself Over COVID-19Pfizer To ‘Require’ Twice-Per-Day COVID Pill Alongside Vaccines

Reddit bans anti-vaccine subreddit after site-wide protest

Chomsky: right response to Unvaccinated is insist they be isolated

Australia Traded Away Too Much Liberty

South Australia residents forced to download quarantine app that randomly requires picture proving they are at home

UN experts call for end to police brutality worldwide

ACLU: vaccine mandates actually further civil liberties.

Ron Paul: Road To Totalitarianism Paved With Vaccine Passports

Kazakhstan bans unvaccinated from malls & restaurants on weekends

Diocese: vaccine passports needed for Episcopal Mass

WHO: Digital documentation of COVID-19 certificates: vaccination status: technical specifications & implementation guidance

Italy may make COVID vaccine shots compulsory for all

PCR testing is a ‘criminal offence’ under Canadian law

Woman Dies of Rare Brain Disease Within 3 Months of Second Pfizer Shot, Doctor Says Vaccine Could Be Responsible

NZ woman dies after receiving Pfizer vaccine

Switzerland warns of terror attacks on Covid-19 vaccine sites

North Korea rejects offer of almost three million Covid-19 jabs

Secret History: U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps Flyers’ Confessions on Use of Biological Weapons in the Korean War

China Suggests COVID-19 Could Have Been Imported Into WuhanUnintended Consequences of COVID-9/11

War & Global Governance

Taiwan: China Can Paralyze Island’s Defenses in Conflict

China considering creating something similar to the military alliance involving South Korea, U.S. & Japan

US: Chinese fund’s acquisition of Korean chip maker ‘security risk’

China shuts American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu

China to require foreign vessels to report in ‘territorial waters’

Does China’s Rise Threaten U.S. Or Just Its Sociopathic Power Elite, Who Want to Keep Ruling World Even If It Drags Us Into WW III?

Pentagon holds talks with Chinese military first time under Biden

China will be our main partner, say Taliban

Why loss of Afghanistan will ultimately end the Empire

Fleeing Afghanistan Marked America’s End

Is U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan End of American Empire?Empire’s Fate

U.S. military exploring portable land-based nuclear reactors again

Global Economy

Russia’s Gazprom Neft moves to yuan in fuelling planes in China

World Economy Could Face 2008 Meltdown

Stakeholder Capitalism a Trojan Horse for China

Social Security to run out of money sooner than expected

World Is Still Short of Everything. Get Used to It.

Corporate Welfare: Where’s the Outrage? (documentary)

Are Gold & Silver due for explosive rally?

BIS to test settlements for digital currencies with central banks

IMF Repeats El Salvador Bitcoin Warning

Twitter appears to be adding the ability to tip using Bitcoin

Man Robbed of 16 Bitcoin Sues Young Thieves’ Parents

Billionaire says crypto a worthless bubble


Graham: ‘Chance of another 9/11 just went through roof’

Biden aims to sign on to UN’s global gun registration treaty

Zelenskiy goes to Washington but comes back with little

Corporate America fights uphill battle against anti-China push

NORTHCOM Needs Help In Space For Arctic Comms

AMLO reveals they tried to kill Morales on plane to Mexico

Illicit Coca Production Rose 15% Under Bolivia Coup Regime

Chile’s Military Police To Be Dissolved

Coast Guard Seizes Record Amount of Drugs in Pacific & Caribbean

Eurasia & Indo-Pacific

George Soros: Investors in Xi’s China face a rude awakening

Soros’ Dream: Turn China Into Neoliberal Grabitization Opportunity

China to Establish Stock Exchange in Beijing

China bans men it sees as not masculine enough from TV

China’s total arable land shrinks nearly 6% from 2009-2019

Explaining globalist dimensions of Chinese nationalism

Nationalization Is Coming to China’s Data Centers

China opens first road-rail transport link to Indian Ocean

Cambodia welcomes help from all countries for infrastructure

Exploring new geopolitical partnership: India-Russia-Japan triangle

Russian Federation coordinates projects to create unified air defense system with Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Armenia

Putin & Lukashenko to sign integration plan

Russia doesn’t have enough capacity to build icebreakers, but Russia doesn’t want to share icebreaker blueprints with China because it sees China as competitor in Arctic tech

Russia starts to sow seeds of ‘wheat diplomacy’

Next industrial revolution may take place in 10-20 years: Russian PM

Russia spots foreign pressure on law enforcement system


India’s Arab-Med Corridor: Shift in Strategic Connectivity to Europe

EU Must Terminate Hungary’s Membership

White House elaborates on position on Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Moscow to counter-measure if NATO moves infrastructure to borders

UK Defense doc: Skripals blood samples could have been manipulated

Africa & Middle East

Historic ‘Noble Waters’ exercise between US, Israeli navies

Israel inaugurates Chinese-run Haifa port terminal

China for objectivity in investigation into chemical attacks in Syria

‘Desert’: drying Euphrates threatens disaster in Syria

Lebanon is about to run out of water

Spectre of the End of the Erdoğan Era

Mapping The Rise of Turkey’s Hard Power

Breaking the Empire Means Breaking With the Saudis

Taliban faces US destabilization from within

Afghan bank asks Biden, IMF to release funds

India announces first formal meeting with Taliban

Afghanistan: How much opium is produced & what’s Taliban’s record?

Energy & Environment

Berlin university cut meat from menus to curb climate change

How aircraft conquered Antarctica

Floating turbines could open vast ocean tracts for renewable power

Technocracy & Information Warfare

Internet shutdowns: The new authoritarian weapon of choice

‘Dystopia’: Durov slams Apple & Google for censoring internet

Australia’s ‘hacking’ bill lets police take over a person’s social media

Michael Flynn says major U.S. bank canceled his accounts

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