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On the Happy Feeling of Being Conned

But you can’t see the happy smile because of the mask.

Tessa Lena

Aug 12. This story is about cons. They say that it’s easier to con someone than to convince them that they’ve been conned. True! True!

I wish it weren’t but alas, it is! We all love our ideas very much—and con artists know how to capitalize on our weaknesses. But people are waking up because…Well, I started to write a philosophical story but screw it. Can facts maybe carry the message on their own? For once?(I am trying to find the clip in which a propagandist was bragging about how he had conned people into craving a medical product by spinning stories about famous athletes who lied in order to get it—to the audience’s heartful laughter—but I didn’t save that clip, and I cannot find it. Will share as soon as I do! Whitney Webb reported on it a while ago.)

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Here come the tweets. ON GETTING BACK TO NORMAL.

The Stanford Daily @StanfordDailyBREAKING: Stanford will require weekly COVID-19 testing beginning Aug. 15, regardless of vaccination status. The University is potentially the first in the country to mandate testing for fully vaccinated individuals. Story to come. August 11th 2021 1,654 Retweets 6,080 Likes

Yossi Gestetner @YossiGestetner CDC Director said today August 6th that “what they (Coronavirus vaccines) can׳t do anymore is prevent transmission.” So… What’s the logic of treating the people vaccinated against COVID-19 better than those who are not vaccinated such as at NYC restaurants? cc @MarkLevineNYC August 6th 2021 2,348 Retweets 4,629 Likes

ON CHANGING IMPORTANT DEFINITIONS WITHOUT TELLING ANYONE. Kulvinder Kaur MD @dockaurGPublic Health Ontario’s new report was used by politicians, media, academics to claim majority of hospitalized & ICU Covid “cases” & deaths “with Covid” are “unvaccinated” BUT their definition for “unvaccinated” actually INCLUDES vaccinated ppl (p.23) publichealthontario.ca/-/media/docume… ImageAugust 10th 2021 28 Retweets 45 Likes

I believe there is also an update of the definition of “hospitalizations” in the U.S. Do we even know what anything means anymore?

Richard Taylor @RWTaylorsCOVID only exists when standing up or having a photo shoot. Sit down and you’re safe from a deadly virus. August 9th 20211,663 Retweets4,460 Likes

IM @ianmSC Cases in Thailand are up, and this is not a misprint, 944,700% since National Geographic said that they had “prevented coronavirus from gaining a foothold.” So even with 93-95% mask compliance, cases are up 944,700%, and people are still somehow convinced they work. Incredible. August 5th 2021 1,541 Retweets 4,158 Likes

ON THE CHANGE OF HEART. Ray Armat, Ph.D. @RayArmatImportant March 2020 Video c-span.org/video/?470035-… Watch Hotez discuss – Risk of death & immune #pathology with coronavirus vacc!nes – Serious questions about #mRNA & Moderna – Need for 1-2 years of development to ensure #safety 8 months later he REVERSED everything he said WHY?ImageAugust 4th 202114 Retweets47 LikesFarm45 @Farm4501@JamesDelingpole July 31st 2021 100 Retweets 196 Likes

Tessa Lena a.k.a. Tessa Fights Robots @TessaMakesLoveCase in point. See also: The Lambda variant that’s “resistant” to the product in question. See also: An outbreak on a cruise ship with all fully v-d people. Etc. etc. What’s the scientific basis for segregation? (I can’t believe it’s come down to this.)

On Shamelessness… and variants.tessa.substack.com August 8th 2021 9 Retweets 21 Likes

p69 @ShilyagovPavel@RWMaloneMD No way August 7th 2021 222 Retweets 655 Likes

Yossi Gestetner @YossiGestetner Fauci 1/28/20: “Even if there is some asymptotic transmission, in all the history of respiratory born viruses of any type, asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks.” If more remembered this, schools would be open normal with temp checks at the door. August 25th 2020 954 Retweets 1,609 Likes

ON HEARTY, CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS. Ray Armat, Ph.D. @RayArmatOK, Only one person came close to the answer, which is Affiliations of Board Members at Pf!zer: Facebook, Bank of NY, Presidential Election Commission, NY Univ., Citicorp, FDA, GE, MIT, #CNBC, AIG, Gates Foundation, Univ. of CA, #Reuters, #cocacola, Goldman Sachs, etc. Ray Armat, Ph.D. @RayArmatWhat connects Facebook, Bank of New York, Presidential Commission on Election, NY University, Univ. of California, Citicorp, #Gates Foundation, #CocaCola, FDA, National Academy of Medicine, General Electric, CNBC, MIT, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Reuters? First correct answer rewarded https://t.co/llWNUbN30VAugust 10th 2021 969 Retweets 1,547 Likes

Organic Consumers Association @OrganicConsumer“Monsanto compromised scientific journals, academies, regulatory agencies, media and governments to deceive the public about the toxicity of Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, Roundup.”

‘The Whole Truth’ on Monsanto’s Campaign to Discredit Scientists, Deceive Public “The Whole Truth About the Monsanto Papers,” by Gilles-Eric Seralini and Jérôme Douzelet, details how Monsanto compromised scientific journals, academies, regulatory agencies, media and governments to deceive the public about the toxicity of Monsanto’s flagship herbicide, Roundup.organicconsumers.org July 31st 2021 61 Retweets 84 Likes

ON POLITICS AND MERCHANDIZING:(With thanks to El Gato Malo’s Substack)Photo via El Gato Malo

Jason Vale @juicemasterThe Simpsons nailed it years ago! August 7th 2021 30 Retweets 58 Likes Donate

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