We found a plug for BOOTS and LLOYDS facemasks masquerading as a “news item” in WIRED, dated 3rd February 2021. It feigned a scientific analysis of N95 and FFP2 facemasks, telling us cloth masks are ‘less effective’. Against WHAT? The word “VIRUS” is not even mentioned!!??

Let’s remind everybody how useless facemasks are.

Wirral In It Together


It’s not very scientifically grounded, this ‘journalism’. Note how Adam Speight relies upon implication and fails to mention the particulate size of coronaviruses (80 to 120 nanometres). In passing, he states vaguely that N95 and FFP2 masks are ‘more effective’ than cloth masks.

So there are more questions than answers and we the public are left floundering.

In chasing his payday, the question Adam Speight is deliberately skirting around is this…

How effective are cloth masks against viruses?

If we know this then we get some measure of how effective N95 and FFP2 masks are.

Answers can be found here inside 42 historical, peer-reviewed scientific studies, all undertaken before the government and media endorsed hysteria descended, and all confirming to varying degrees that cloth masks are ineffective against viruses:

1 T Jefferson, M Jones, et al. Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses. MedRxiv. 2020…

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