Oberleutnant Schwab’s phoney Hearts Club band

We’re confidently expecting special treatment for VIPs and celebs. The bestowing of passports and enhanced freedoms to those who’ve rolled up their trouser legs but never their sleeves.

The Slog

An invitation from The Slog to examine the Great Reset being lauded by the World Economic Forum, and courses of political action that might be deemed the orchestrated preparations for it

Yesterday – a relatively quiet “news” day – turned out to be a series of further symptoms suggesting that the real virus we face – Reset21 – is in fine fettle. Gove asked the EU for an extension to our ‘grace period’ on Brexit, contradictory Covid reports kept the confusion-fear brew simmering nicely, the whizz-kids around Biden added new types of domestic terrorism (still excluding BLM and Antifa), EUNATO gently eased Dracula into the technocrat vacancy in Italy, and the MSM continued to prod Britain into the No 1 C19 deaths position, even though the number is entirely false, the collecting method is risibly flawed, there are several nations with worse record than the UK, and we are the…

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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