Please Sign This Petition! STOP MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION | Stop Medical Discrimination

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10 Responses to Please Sign This Petition! STOP MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION | Stop Medical Discrimination

  1. Caron says:

    No on medical passeport


  2. Victor Nwamazi says:

    I am strongly apposed to experimental vaccination, infusion of biological agents is unacceptable, we all have the right to decline any medication, this is a matter of our fundamental human right.


  3. Robert WILSON says:

    the war is on against this barbaric lunatic move by big phama and their satanic masters, you have my full backing.


  4. Patricia says:

    I strongly apposed experimental vaccinations. The infusion of biological agents is immoral and is unacceptable, the manufacturers have declared full immunity from any adverse effect, so why would anyone in the right mind want to accept these vaccines? Any vaccine that carries so many adverse effect should be tested on human beings, let alone a worldwide rollout. We all have the right to decline any medication without any repercussions whatsoever. This IS a matter of our fundamental human right.

    I fully support this petition and I will support any petition which is in the best interest of humanity and our common good.


  5. Doreen Nakkazi Kizito says:

    I fully support this petition. My body my right.I am not a ginea pig.


  6. Jan Campbell says:

    I have attempted to sign but am unable to do so. I’m getting the message ‘Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.’ I do not use social media so am asking for someone on this site to get in touch with and let them know this is happening (at least for us in the UK).


  7. Colleen carroll says:

    A driver’s , license should be all the I.D. I need. I also want it to be clear that a VAX is not required to get a driver’s license.


    • robert wilson says:

      But it is requried for the NWO, I wonder if the black warlocks Gates and Fouci have had theirs, maybee they should get the black which Brix to jab them!!


  8. rob says:

    All we have to do to stop the satanic globalists is nothing!!! That’s right nothing they want us to do like obey thier idiotic rules and restrictions!!! NO MORE COMPLIANCE!!! NO MORE MASKS… NO MORE ANY OF IT.

    REFUSE AND RESIST…. Think not of yourself but of the children of this world that will have nothing but slavery and tryanny if we the adults don’t stand up to this NOW!

    Everyone should go to thier local police station and put a complaint in about it using the following evidence as proof of govenment endorses mass murder and conspiracy if they take a statement from you or not it doesn’t matter, at least you have made your voice heard. If enough people do this thrn they won’t be able to ignore us.

    Shown the the rockerfeller foundations report of 2010 that shows conclusively that the whole covid agenda is a forced senario (Google and download the PDF).

    Then show them this interview with Dr Robert Malone the inventor of the MRNA technology,He said the current covid vaccines are cytotoxic and are very dangerous. The govenment are fully aware of this and continue to force this vaccine as hard as they can.


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