GREAT RESET: Our future is not freedom, but as live-in help

This won’t be my future, but with population control to the fore, is this part of that process? I have two lovely daughters who may become chilled by a creeping disincentive to have any of their own children.

The Slog

By Rolf Norfolk

Picking up on ConWom editor Kathy Gyngell’s post on Sky News Australia’s Rowan Dean’s sideways look at ‘The Great Reset’ , I’d like to share some more ‘future vision’.

German would-be world-reshaper Klaus Schwab has been making waves via his World Economic Forum (usually held at Davos – wasn’t that the ol’ feller who created the Daleks ?), on the subject of a sweeping, ecologically-sound and economically-crippling restructuring. This is allegedly an appropriate response to a panoply of global systemic problems though to me it looks more like another example of centralising power-seekers ‘not wasting a crisis.’ What would his Utopia look like?

Back in 2017, Danish MP and WEF attendee Ida Auken sketched a millenarian future of passive, possessionless citizenry in 2030:

‘I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes…

‘When AI…

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