43 pages of doubtful drivel, gathered up and vomited onto paper by a sickly judge (Nicholas Wikeley) who continues to toil away in defence of his beloved, crooked to the core UK Establishment judicial system in an eerie, dust-laden corner of the shadowy UK underworld known as “the Upper Information Tribunal”

Please take time to download and read the above Upper Information Tribunal decision document, dated 10th December 2020. The observant amongst you will note that it took the creaking judicial system quite a while to finally produce, following a First Tier Tribunal hearing 13 months earlier. Thank you.

The decision above features an old fighting friend of ours and early contributor to this blog, Alan Dransfield, who has been a determined, driven and defiant battler against widespread, embedded, growing by the day, cancerous, metastising throughout the sickly body, judicial corruption for many, many years.

The judge repeatedly lets himself and his profession down across the entire 43 pages of this dubious decision. Wikeley is seen to employ a self-congratulatory tone of levity, one which is entirely inappropriate, and which patronises and insults not just Mr Dransfield, but the public at large, i.e. the very people who are forced through their taxes to meet this judge’s bloated salary demands each and every month. The deep failure of the decision document laid before us serves to highlight Wikeley’s haughty disdain for those he appears to regard as inferior to himself. And the overall thrust of the judgment, made in gross error, also raises questions on the man’s judicial competence when seen against a backdrop of years of scandalous largesse, all carried out in defence of the steadfast suppression of information and the carefree squandering of huge and steadily increasing amounts of precious public money.

As you may have gathered readers, Wirral In It Together do not endorse Judge Wikeley’s textually poor, patronising, inferior, inept judgment.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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6 Responses to 43 pages of doubtful drivel, gathered up and vomited onto paper by a sickly judge (Nicholas Wikeley) who continues to toil away in defence of his beloved, crooked to the core UK Establishment judicial system in an eerie, dust-laden corner of the shadowy UK underworld known as “the Upper Information Tribunal”

  1. alan m Dransfield says:

    Thanks Paul for those few kind words and its nice to be with like minded people. Wikeley is not fit for purpose.



    It’s interesting to note the UT have not published their DN yet??


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  4. Lindsay Fraser says:

    I’m glad a friend guided me here. Wikeley, ‘Omit’ Professor of law, speciality child rights, has just told me he cannot read my evidence, BECAUSE HE IS SATURATED WITH THOUSANDS OF COMPLAINT APPEALS AGAINST HIS PROFOUNDLY CORRUPT ICO. What a poor little judge. ICO, paid 64 million pounds of profits from commercial concerns AND AUTHORITIES that ICO LIE TO REFUSE TO WORK against, have also told me in writing, that as Data Regulator they have no remits against police and authority data controllers hiding ‘personal data’ corruption evidence, in my State child torture cases. I would encourage any victim of ICO lying to refuse to work, to report ICO to U.N. anti-corruption Justice instruments, international courts, even in the worst cases of institutional child torture sex abuse cover ups, to the International Criminal Court. The OTP I.C.C. has defined my own submissions as “serious” violations, and the LRV is proceeding Prosecutions. You grind through the ICO First Tier rubbish, with auto-strike outs, Alison McKenna, O’Connor “fanciful” claims, to be faced with impressive grand Emeritus Professor, law-book writing Judge Wikeley. But without any Nobel prizes, to give “Strike out Warning” if you do not crush two years of the London sewers of ICO lying and crimes “lawfuls” into just 6 slides. All because this pathetic judge cannot read evidence. What is a so-called ‘judge’ doing, working in profoundly corrupt Edwards’s profiteering ICO, when a lawyer specialising in child rights, should be working in a human rights organisation, helping victims of State Crimes get their personal data, not smash their human rights to data as Wikeley is doing. My own cases are so “serious”, the documents procured proving, I was a kidnapped baby to be used as a lab rat in a Nottingham Council sterilisation of mental patients experiment program, and I was tortured and sex abused, deemed “not in the national interest to prosecute”, that it attracted the attention of European State Prosecutors. After two years of international criminal investigation against ICO, the Prosecutors believe there is now sufficient evidence against the U.K.’s version of ICO to be internationally prosecuted for Denial of the Truth Crimes. I would suggest if any victim of ICO has concrete evidence against ICO, particularly in abuse cover up cases, then denounce in the U.N.’s anti-corruption instruments which you can find from the U.N.’s website. ICO via authority fees, are paid silence-money to not get personal data that compromise ICO fee-paying clients. I love the comments I’ve seen that Wikeley behaves like and looks like a “weasel” vomiting on paper, and I would endorse such comments.

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  5. vexatiousking says:

    I agree 110% with you Lindsay and I am currently pursuing my complaint against the UT and ICO. I am so grateful for the postings on Weareallintogther and in particular Paul Cardin, There is no doubt in my mind the Judge Wikeley and other Senior UT Judges are acting in complicity with the ICO to gag Joe Public and in particular via the Dransfield Vexatious BS.
    The following link is the Court of Appeal Decision Notice which the CoA uphold the UT Vexatious Dransfield Case. I draw you attention to para 68 in which has now been used 25K times to Pervert the course of justice.


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