BREXIT: why nothing you read in the MSM has the slightest relevance to anything

The Slog

As long as the current UK Establishment remains in place, the subjugation of the British to EUNATO will remain a fact of life – however disguised.

In 2018, The Slog published this post pointing out out what utterly unpleasant, bullying perfidious people run the ship in Brussels.

During the two years prior to that, I tried several times to explain why Brussels would try on almost anything to keep us in its trawler net…and why a reasonably bright eight year-old could work out that they had far more to lose from Brexit, otherwise they wouldn’t be using every delaying tactic and stonewalling strategy to lock us in.

In the days immediately following the 2016 EU Referendum that voted to Leave, I attempted to posit what Leavers were up against – viz, a Shadow Blocist SuperState insistence that the CIA’s favourite creation – EUNATO – must not be put at risk.

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