#Brickgate / Angela Eagle Broken Stairwell Window is now with the Information Commissioner’s Office

For those coming fresh to the subject, the following is a complete list in chronological order of all #Brickgate related posts we’ve made since the Angela Eagle / smashed stairwell window incident occurred at Sherlock House, Wallasey, on 12th July 2016.

The reason for our persistence with this issue is we strongly believe the UK public were manipulated and deceived by politicians and their aides in conjunction with sections of the mainstream media and it’s vital to uncover the real facts behind it.

Jeremy Corbyn won his second leadership ballot, so the poll wasn’t affected despite the inaccuracies published in 12+ national newspapers and the associated ongoing wayward radio and TV coverage.

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2.  Brickgate.  Angela Eagle’s office window was not broken.


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7.  Brickgate.  Angela Eagle and The Guardian – a further update and probably not the last.


8.  Brickgate.  Angela Eagle MP.  Freedom of Information request to Merseyside Police.


9.  Brickgate.  Reports of attempted break-in at Polish off-license on Manor Road, opposite Angela Eagle’s office.


10.  Wallasey Branch of Constituency Labour Party timeline to Wallasey CLP suspension.


11.  Angela Eagle supporters have been discovered telling lies about Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies.


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13.  Brickgate FOI request.  A response is in from Merseyside Police.


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19.  Wallasey Momentum’s response to Labour NEC Report.  Alleged homophobia towards


20.  Wallasey Constituency Labour Party press release.


21.  Update.  Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy thinks brickgate was corbyn supporters.  Wirral Labour Council think it was antisocial behaviour.


22.  Wallasey Constituency Labour Party.  Personal critique by Vice Chair Paul Davies.



Freedom of Information request placed on 2nd August 2016


The only question to be answered in full was the first one, where the response was a curt “Yes”.

Next, there was some to-ing and fro-ing which included a shifting of the police’s position, but in the end everything else was largely swept up and hidden behind a padlocked door labelled “Section 30 Exclusion”.  This is the exclusion – perfectly understandable – where a data controller refuses to oblige because doing so may compromise or damage an ongoing investigation.

However, this investigation came to a close after a matter of weeks, with no arrests being made, yet Merseyside Police’s position remains the same.  They’re still withholding the info.

We appealed to the ICO as is our right and now we’re waiting for them to set the wheels in motion, contact the police and check whether their position remains unaltered.

If it does, we will be arguing the case to the ICO for disclosure in an attempt to convince them that withholding is no longer justified given the fruitless investigation, now ended, and the large level of public interest. Here, the public interest being concerned with the fact that the public would benefit by the release of the information, whatever that happens to be.

If the ICO agree with the police position, we will do some further research and possibly take the case to the First Tier Information Tribunal.


Guardian journalist Ewen Macaskill wrote a lengthy article some weeks back entitled “Labour and Liverpool: the city that reveals the cracks in the party”.

Macaskill made some direct enquiries around the circumstances regarding the brick.  We found it intriguing that the apparent sole source of the brick story was a man called Imran Ahmed, who was acting as communications person to the Angela Eagle leadership bid at the time of the incident.  He later took the precaution of banning staff working at Sherlock House from talking to the media, removing their freedom of speech.


Here’s a relevant excerpt from the article:


Given the circumstances described above, there’s a distinct possibility that the police may not have found a brick or projectile when they turned up and do not / never did have one in their possession.  It won’t particularly surprise us if this is one of the outcomes of any forthcoming First Tier Information Tribunal ruling.

Neither will it surprise us if Imran Ahmed becomes extremely difficult to contact (for a professional communications person) should this happen.


It’s still early days but here are the emails that have been exchanged so far between Wirral In It Together and the Information Commissioner’s Office:

From: <casework@ico.org.uk>
Date: Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Complaint against Merseyside Police[Ref. FS50646656]
To: Paul Cardin

1 November 2016

Case Reference Number FS50646656

Mr Cardin

I am writing to advise you that I have been allocated your complaint against Merseyside Police to investigate. However, before I can take this matter any further I need some information from you in support of your complaint.
Before I can progress your case please will you also provide your grounds of complaint, i.e. explain what you want me to investigate and why you disagree with Merseyside Police’s position.
Once I have received the above information I will write to you again to advise how your complaint will be addressed.
If you have any queries you are welcome to email me at: casework@ico.gsi.gov.uk (please ensure that you quote the above case reference in the subject line) or you can telephone me on 01625 545712. Please note that I work from home on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so cannot be contacted by telephone on these days, however, you will be able to leave me a voice mail message and I will contact you when I am in the office. Alternatively, I can call you from home if you provide a convenient time – please note that I have a withheld number as it is my personal phone line and my usual working hours are from 7.00am until 3.00pm.
Please also note that I do not work on Fridays.
Carolyn Howes
Senior Case Officer

Our response:

From: Paul Cardin
Date: Tue, Nov 8, 2016 at 11:47 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint against Merseyside Police[Ref. FS50646656]
To: casework@ico.org.uk

Case Reference Number FS50646656

Dear Carolyn,
Thank you for your email.
There is a high level of public interest in respect of the report of criminal damage at premises known as Sherlock House, where the constituency office of Angela Eagle MP is situated. The public interest has been heightened by political events and extensive media reporting, including reports related to the incident which is the subject of this application.
I am aware that the ‘public interest’ is not strictly speaking ‘what interests the public’ and that it is more closely defined as ‘what benefits the public’.
I believe when balancing the competing interests, that the public interest in disclosing this information is greater than the public interest in continuing to apply the exemption and continuing to withhold the information.
It would benefit the public, whose interest has been alerted to this event, if as much information as possible is now released into the public domain now that it is safe to do so.  This would have the effect of confirming some of the facts and refuting some of the exaggerations and falsehoods that have been published in the national print media where they may occasion harm to accurate reporting, the reputation of the press, the public good and are now extremely difficult to challenge.
Prime amongst the inaccuracies are the headlines claiming “Angela Eagle’s office window was attacked / smashed / broken” or “Angela Eagle’s constituency office was attacked”.  Angela Eagle’s actual constituency office and actual windows therein were not evidently attacked.  This is the subject of my FOI questions 4 and 5.
Following the incident, I made a failed complaint regarding the subject matter of this FOI request to press regulator IPSO which referred to inaccurate information in The Daily Telegraph.  I believe this is highly relevant to my Freedom of Information request and I am prepared to forward the details of this complaint upon request.
It has never been confirmed or denied by the police that a projectile or ‘brick’ was found at Sherlock House when they attended the incident – which occurred between 5 pm on the 11th July 2016 and 9 am on the 12th July 2016.
The investigation has now been closed for some time and nobody has been apprehended or arrested.  I therefore believe that there are no grounds for Merseyside Police to use Section 30 (1) (2) (3) to continue to withhold the information I have requested in questions 2 through to 5.  There will be no damage occasioned to future policing because the information I have requested is benign and neither significant nor sensitive in nature.
I should add that Mail on Sunday columnist Peter Hitchens contacted the data controller’s [Merseyside Police] press office and was freely informed that the damaged window was not that of Ms Eagle’s office but of a shaired stairwell:
Please investigate fully my questions 2 to 5 as follows, where the information requested has been withheld subject to Section 30 (1) (2) and (3):

2. What was the physical nature / description / material of the projectile apparently thrown through and breaking the bottom left pane of the 12 shared stairwell windows on the ground floor of the north eastern elevation of Sherlock House on either 11th or 12th July 2016? i.e. was it a brick or a rock or a stone or something else? Please describe.

3. Do you have in your possession the projectile (brick or rock or stone or something else) that was reported to have been thrown by an unknown person and was later described in several local and national newspapers as ‘a brick’ thrown through a window?

4. Was there any evidence to suggest that the constituency office or office window of Angela Eagle MP on the ground floor of the south eastern elevation was subjected to an attack during the same time period?

5. Did you conclude after gathering evidence that the attack dated 11th or 12th July 2016 was confined to the shaired stairwell on the north east elevation of the building, and that the office or office window of Angela Eagle MP was not attacked given the nature of the evidence gathered?

Many thanks,

Paul Cardin


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2 Responses to #Brickgate / Angela Eagle Broken Stairwell Window is now with the Information Commissioner’s Office

  1. Cpat says:

    If you view John Braces video posted the other day scrutiny committee investigation into Wirral Community Patrol the head of the patrol Mark Cambourne confirmed a meeting was held with Merseyside Police around this time in relation to this incident and the police classed it as passing anti social behaviour not a targeted attack.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      At the Scrutiny Committee Chris Blakeley asked for a list of attendees and the minutes of the multi-agency meeting involving the police. The info is gradually seeping out.


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