A blog post that we failed to publish over four years ago! Hahaha. Can’t get the staff – Patience and Dignity versus Abuse of Power, Position and Privilege – #Brickgate

31st December 2020 – an update – LIARS prosper. Angela Eagle is made a fucking DAME in the New Years Honours list


23rd December 2016

The title of this blog post sums up the enforced stand off between the 1,000+ members of the suspended Wallasey Constituency Labour Party and the Labour Party NEC, led by General Secretary Iain McNicol, now entering its fifth consecutive month.

Wallasey CLP were suspended back on July 20th 2016 following a June 24th AGM where it is alleged that bullying, intimidation and homophobia towards Angela Eagle had taken place. (Angela Eagle was not at the meeting).

If one day Wallasey CLP members are allowed due process and given the chance to know the precise detail of the charges against them, who’s bringing them, and who the alleged offenders are, they will then – and only then – be in a position to state their case, build a defence and answer the allegations in accordance with the Labour Party’s internal procedures.  But as it stands, five months on, with a full welter of press and media smears and innuendo still fresh in our minds and ringing in our ears, the compulsory and customary route of following Labour Party internal procedures is yet to happen.

It’s all been played out in the media… and as for the alleged hate crime(s), five long months have slowly elapsed but Merseyside Police have still not been notified about these ‘notifiable’ incidents – by either the local accusers OR the Labour Party.

The following is a list of howlers and hostages to fortune made by Angela Eagle, Iain McNicol, Jane Kennedy (Merseyside PCC) and other supporters which we are expecting will come back to haunt them all when due process does finally kick in:

  1. Looking smug for the camera in front of a window which is not a constituency office window, is nothing to do with Angela Eagle’s constituency office function … and which – according to the police – was never damaged by a brick

Councillor Bernie Mooney is speechless


Councillor Paul Stuart (Seacombe) gegs in on the free publicity

  1. Doing an interview on the day for the nice people off of the telly in which you pluck from the air, “it was Labour members what did it” or words to that effect

Reaction from Liscard Labour councillor Bernie Mooney outside Angela Eagle’s constituency office pic.twitter.com/iVwi4tF2GQ

— Lorna Hughes (@lorna_hughes) July 12, 2016

  1. Likewise, but this time not just overriding your remit as Police and Crime Commissioner by displaying a clear and unhelpful political bias, but by implying it was a political act.  This was despite the fact it was a shared window, not a constituency office window.  It was nothing to do with Angela Eagle’s constituency office function … and a window which – according to the police – was never damaged by a brick

Merseyside Police & Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy: “All of us as a society must say no. This is not acceptable.” pic.twitter.com/Q7EjdpmRma

— Lorna Hughes (@lorna_hughes) July 12, 2016

  1. “Whistleblowers” – genuine ones that is – are not permitted to contact the press the minute they want to go public with their grievance or concern.  They need to follow internal employer guidance contained in whistleblowing procedures, etc. Failing to do so can be detrimental or even fatal to their case. However, Angela Eagle’s 17 alleged “whistleblowers” (herself not included) contacted not just the Liverpool Echo on 2nd August 2016 but the Guardian also for good measure

  1. The interim report which came back from the NEC committee in October 2016 claimed that the damaged window was not easily accessible.  As we can see from the following picture the window is on an open public footpath and can be walked up to by members of the public and touched … very easily.  Hence, putting a brick through it – which the police assure us did not conclusively occur – would have been very easy indeed.  We believe this shows an eagerness on the part of the committee’s report writers to tie up every possible loose end, even at the risk of damaging their own credibility, which is what has occurred here

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