Has Twitter found a new way of shadow banning its ‘problem’ users?

We sent a tweet this evening:

When we checked the tweet activity twenty minutes later, there had been just one view.

Such an eventuality is unheard of. Normally on our Twitter account there’d be between 50 and 100 hits in the space of 20 minutes on a Friday evening.

So once again, we’re smelling a rat. When this has occurred in the past, we’ve browsed across to the trusty www.shadowban.eu, punched in our Twitter username and discovered a screen full of red annotations, indicating we’ve been shadowbanned by the dribbling Silicon Valley ghouls in several different ways.

But tonight, all was Green for GO and we were in the clear:

So unless everyone in the world has decided to ditch the internet this evening, give up the ghost and suddenly cease their online activity altogether, in unison, it seems Twitter have sharpened another axe, swung it around and pioneered a new method of censoring / silencing troublesome types like us.

Please be careful out there and let us know if your activities are being curtailed and your online presence hidden away in the same fashion.



About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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4 Responses to Has Twitter found a new way of shadow banning its ‘problem’ users?

  1. Bobby47 says:

    There are a number of ways to avoid being sanctioned by Twitter. One! Have no association with Cardin. To my cost I quickly discovered being his friend and slavish follower meant I appeared on Facebook and Twitter’s list of ‘people who have to be monitored’.
    Two! Quit Twitter and Facebook thus rendering yourself silent and in no position to offend one person in a hundred thousand which from Twitters perspective got them monitoring you in the first bloody place.
    And finally the most important. Three! Under no circumstances own a keyboard,think for yourself, process a thought and articulate it in writing if you question the direction of these crazed demented ideologies that champion any poor bastard who’s ever felt they’ve been oppressed by the tyrannical patriarchy.
    Basically, if you are a fully grown man,you’re a complete twat riddled to the bone with toxic masculinity. If your white. Your a twat and you’re a privileged twat. If your like me Male, White and heterosexual then you’re burdened by every ic, ism, ist and phobia that’s known to humanity and the very best thing you can do, and I’ve considered doing it, is acquire a small pocket Derringer pistol and blow your fucking brains out.
    Your passing to the afterlife will be a huge service to humanity and a huge help to Twitter in their corporate quest to rid the world of free thought and free speech.

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  2. sparkle60 says:

    Hi Paul, I asked if anyone had seen any tweets from you. When I searched for your account so I could looked at your TL, your account does not appear to exist. Have you changed to a new account? Regards Tina (sparkle60).


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