Through sales of its popular eBooks, the Duran is making a very generous donation to brave Australian firefighters – Videos Eleven and Twelve


Below is a link to the Duran website where you can purchase the#Epstein and #Ukrainegate eBooks for $4.99 each. From now on, 100% of the money received will be donated to help the brave Australian firefighters, many of whom are volunteers.

Each eBook contains an additional foreword written by Alexander Mercouris, setting the scene for the contents to follow:

Visit now and use the DRN20 code for 20% off:

Also available are:


In these eleventh and twelfth videos, Director Alex Christoforou, Editor-in-Chief of The Duran Alexander Mercouris and Crosstalk’s Peter Lavelle explain how The Duran, in a selfless and very generous gesture, will be contributing 100% of the proceeds of all of their eBooks to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service and Brigades Donations Fund. You can donate directly here:

Alexander Mercouris also spends more time describing the contents of the #Epstein and #Russiagate eBooks. We’ve personally read both, they have some unique and compelling insights and are an excellent addition to the coverage currently appearing in some of the UK media. The US media is failing to cover this massive scandal:

“And the latest books which are quite new are on #Ukrainegate and on #Epstein and I’m going to say this frankly, I think they’re the best books around on either subject. Especially, dare I say it, on the #Epstein story which has been very, very poorly covered, in my opinion…”

Video 11

Video 12

Transcription of Video 11:

AC:  The second announcement we want to make is that we have not – me, Peter, Alexander – have not forgotten about Australia at all and what’s going on there, with the terrible, devastating fires. I’ll speak for my end. I’m not an expert on these things. I can’t really communicate these things via video. We’re more politics and geopolitics and while what’s happening in Australia’s huge news, if not the biggest news story and it’s terrible news…

PL: But it’s picture-driven.

AM: It’s picture-driven, it’s hard for us to speak on these types of stories which are not geopolitics or political. I don’t think we can add that much context to a story like this but we all sat down together and we thought, how can we help? How can we get involved? And so, listen up everybody, we have our eBooks that we have on The Duran shop. Every time someone purchases our eBooks, we’re going to donate 100% of those purchases to the NSW Rural Fire Services. Peter, Alexander, do you have anything to tell our viewers about what we’re doing here so that we can help the people in Australia fight the fires? With every purchase that you get…I’ll put a link by the way of The Duran shop where you can buy those eBooks, as well as a direct link if you just want to donate directly to the Fire Services as well. So Peter, Alexander…

AM:  Yeah, what I will just say is this, I mean, I would endorse what Alex said, I mean, I’m not really the person to discuss or comment about this. I am not somebody who is really in a position to say anything about climate change, which is not said by other people, I’m not a scientist. I don’t know what the causes of these fires are. This is a huge story. I mean, anybody who’s been following the pictures, they’ve seen the film, could see what a huge story it is. And all I will say is this, I mean, this is our way of if you like covering this story, which we are not able to comment about. And I would say I would comment about our books – our two books – our two latest eBooks, so we’ve got actually four eBooks out there. One on #Russiagate, one on #Brexit. The #Brexit one is before the actual recent election but it’s still pretty topical. It’s got a lot of up-to-date information about it. And the latest books which are quite new are on #Ukrainegate and on #Epstein and I’m going to say this frankly, I think they’re the best books around on either subject. Especially, dare I say it, on the #Epstein story which has been very, very poorly covered, in my opinion. And it goes into great detail…

PL:  That’s on purpose.

AM:  Well, aah, that’s exactly the point. The point we’ve been making Peter is this; huge amounts of publicity for #Ukrainegate which is actually about nothing. There’s no crime, there’s no…

PL:  I like to say, in #Russiagate there’s not much Russia.

AM:  No. Exactly, and no witnesses in fact in #Ukrainegate. That’s the bizarre thing about this. Huge amounts of publicity about that, virtually none on #Epstein and his crimes. Even though they are verified crimes and there are verified victims. But the key point is all 100% of the proceeds from those sales goes to the fund of the firefighters. And it was pointed out to me, by the way, yesterday – something I didn’t know – that most of them are volunteers. So they’re doing this incredibly dangerous work, I know how dangerous it can be because believe it or not, about ten years ago – more than that – 20 years ago actually, I had some dealings with people who were working in the fire service in Britain. So I was involved in some kind of consultancy work with them. So I know how dangerous that kind of work is and it’s our way of showing support for them. I don’t know if Peter, you want to say…?

PL:  Oh, just exactly…I mean, at the end of the day, talk is cheap, and there are people in need here and Alex Christoforou’s come up with this really great idea to make a difference. And please give it a thought, follow through on it and show those people in Australia that the world is watching and we actually do care. I mean, I spent many, many years in Southern California and I know what these fires can do. Okay? And it scars people forever. Forever. It’s very, very painful and if you want to do it because of global warming, great, if you want to do it just to help the firefighters, great. Whatever your reason is, go ahead and do it. It’s a good cause. Yeah.

AC:  And I’m looking at the live stream. There is news that there’s 200 arsonists that are being investigated or arrested.

PL:  Oh, God.

AC:  I don’t know. Once again, other people…

PL:  Think of the animals too, I mean some of the…

AC:  I’m not sure. People can correct me, the last time I heard Peter, half a million or half a…

PL:  A million, yeah.

AC:  …billion animals died. Yes, Macey, the link is in the description box for The Duran shop. There’s also a link to donate directly to the Fire Services, the NSW Fire Services. As well as a link to the eBooks as well, so just look down in the description and maybe after we do the live stream I’ll also probably pin a comment to the top as well for that link. Half a billion animals dead.

PL:  Half a billion…wow.

AC:  Okay, so I’m sure there’s a lot of YouTubers that are doing a great job covering this. So I mean, if you have links to those YouTubers, send them our way. I’d also like to keep on top of what’s going on there, but let’s get rolling then, guys. So please help out. And let’s get to the main topic…

Transcription of Video 12:


AC:  And don’t forget to donate. You’ll find the links in the description box down below. NSW Rural Fire Services to help Australia with the fires that are going on right now. You’ll find the links to donate directly to the NSW and if you purchase any one of our eBooks on The Duran shop, you will donate 100% of that purchase to the NSW Rural Fire Services as well. So if you pick up an eBook, we’ll donate that to Australia, to those firefighters there.


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