Cause and effect

Spin versus truth

In Wallasey Town Hall’s hallowed corridors, we fear very little attention is paid to the rules of cause and effect because they’re inconvenient.  They get in the way.

The reason being the persons within like to keep a very tight leash on what goes on inside the building.  This desire to manipulate, control, then polish the output also migrates beyond the bounds of the Brighton Street site, to impose its ugly face across local newspapers, community groups, chambers of commerce, and signed up, on message partner organisations, etc. etc. etc.

The above list is nowhere near exhaustive – as readers will be painfully aware.  We’d be here all day.

Cause and effect clashes head on with council spin and bluster.  It’s a classic case of the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.  Except, as a recognised ancient concept since the time of Aristotle, the former eats the latter for breakfast.

We’d like to report on a modern day manifestation of Aristotle’s theory, involving Wirral Council versus the Google web browser.

To help us portray this clash, we’re calling up a tweeted FOI request made by local campaigner Paul Cardin, he of the ever popular blog:

As we can see, this cause is very straightforward, even mundane … but the effect has been quite staggering.

The request was made in April 2015 and the answers came back within the time period required by the FOI Act.

Remarkably, by October 2015, the post began getting a raised number of hits, which grew and grew (and grew).

It seems that an increasing number of Wirral citizens (fed up and pissed off?  Who knows?) were bashing the term “Wirral Council Phone Number” or variants thereof into their Google search engines, seeking the contact numbers for their public servants.

In conjunction with this, the post containing Directors’ telephone numbers rose and rose up the Google rankings until by December 2015, it settled at position 4 on PAGE ONE of Google, just below the long term slots held by the purveyors of spin, bluster and bilge.

But to return to cause and effect, the instigator (cause) of the meteoric rise (effect) has been the long term torrent of unspeakable lies and dishonesty pouring forth from the collective addled brow of the hideous gathering of unspeakable unmentionables, festering at their desks in Brighton Street.

Also, whilst the causational spin and hyperbole can be quickly dismissed as such and duly dispensed with, the effect simply cannot.

Web browsers work along very strict logical pathways.  Statistics computed cannot be disputed.  They can’t be accused of bias, and by the same token, they can’t be told to shut up or offered a bulging brown envelope. What they see is what we get.

And what we’ve got is a disastrous own goal by Wirral Council.  The information was released in accordance with the Act, for a change, but the consequences have been the directors’ phones ringing off their hooks throughout the Town Hall since October 2015.

And on and on.  And if they continue to spin and lie, and peddle this “Most Improved Council” claptrap onto weary, embattled council tax payers, it will just get worse and worse (or better and better, depending on your viewpoint).

So it’s a result; a stunning victory for good old cause and effect. One that has a long way to travel yet.  Watch this space.


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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