Windows for Dummies – August 2016

13th August 2016



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4 Responses to Windows for Dummies – August 2016

  1. Bobby47 says:

    The surprising thing to me is that the culprit, the offender and the thrower of this brick has not given himself or herself up. I would have. I’d have caved in before now.
    When the Police announce, ‘we will catch this menace’, it’s a good time to reflect, come out of hiding, introduce yourself to the Constable and say, ‘you’ll get me in the end. It’s pointless hiding any longer. It was me’.
    More often than not the Police will hint at the slim prospect of catching this evil bastard that’s caused Angela so much pain, fear, angst and political misery, but not this time. They’ve said, ‘we will catch him’ thus removing any doubt of the final outcome and so, if this thrower of a brick is holed up in some attic, secreted in some far away Hebridean hedge, I’d tell him, or her, both sexes are equally capable of hiding, ‘give yourself up and stop wasting your life hiding away from the inevitable outcome’.
    What’s more, I’d tell him, or her, both sexes are equally capable of hurting Angela’s political aspirations, ‘they’ll catch you. It may take years, even decades, but one day, possibly before you die, you will be arrested and held to account for your irresponsible actions.’


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    The police are so determined to catch the culprit that they’re ensuring the public don’t get in the way with their interfering, damnfool questions. So they’re refusing to give way and open up to a number of benign FOI queries:

    So the thin blue line are holding strong, are not prepared to risk being breached and are standing together as one, lined up in defiance of their public funders and backers, i.e. us, refusing to admit that ‘yes, a brick was involved’ or, ‘no, a brick wasn’t involved’.

    So we’ll have to be content with the headlines – repeated in 12+ large circulation national newspapers and consolidated in TV and radio shows ever since – that “Angela Eagle’s Constituency Office Window was [indeed] Smashed by a Brick”…[possibly hurled by a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn given that Angela Eagle immediately asked him to ‘call his people off’].

    We perceive it to be untrue, but are now frustrated by the authorities’ refusal to open up and give us any insight into whether the window was kicked in or a brick did actually exist and was found and collected as evidence at the scene of the crime, and that this brick was indeed raised to shoulder height, before being flung, doing a few somersaults in the Wallasey summer air then sailing onward accompanied by a loud, cracking, splintering noise, through the glass window pane of a shared stairwell window, the unlucky bottom left hand corner member of a set of 12.

    Contrary to professional journalists’ written reports (many of whom visited but didn’t bother to ascertain whether it was Angela Eagle’s office window), the visual evidence appears to show that no, it wasn’t Angela Eagle’s office window – unless her staff are unlucky enough to spend all day working on the stairs and having to shift their sloping chairs and desks every time Diedre Snodgrass from WE-RECLAIM-PPI-4-YOU in the office next door needs to get past and use the toilets. If this is the case, then yes, it was Angela Eagle’s Office Window and the headlines and accompanying articles are all correct.

    But if the stairs are not Angela Eagle’s office, the police, having already made a statement to The Wirral Globe among others to the effect that a projectile went “through an office window”, may now be wary of losing face and appearing to look foolish by contradicting previous incorrect statements made to the press – who were simply doing what they’re paid to do i.e. no pressure, just turning up and baying like wolves on the hunt for a good story.


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