Wallasey Hands Off Our Fire Station – a public meeting on 14th August 2018

Look what’s dropped through our Wirral In It Together letterbox this morning…

W H O O F S !

It’s a poster for a meeting called to rally support for the protection of night-time fire and rescue services at Wallasey and Liverpool City Centre fire stations.

We know it’s hard to believe this, but they have recently come under threat.

What a fantastic cause to get behind…

We’re also hearing that as far as Wallasey is concerned, there’s a few so-called “Labour” councillors who are positioned so faaaaaaaar to the right of the party, they’re morphing into Tory axe wielders before the voters’ very eyes !

We’re not sure if Councillor Brian Kenny is included in their number, or has started secretly flaunting a blue rosette just yet, but as he frequently polishes a seat on the local Fire Authority in return for  nice regular payments, we strongly suspect that his little eyes have lit up and his little head may have been turned.

He may be in the process of forgetting his calling as a member of the workers’ party – a party forged in protest and struggle – and may even be in favour of swinging the axe his little self, so we can all see him looking BIG, and flexing his muscles, and playing his important part in delivering these reckless cuts to vital, life-saving services.

06 08 2018 - Wallasey Hands Off Our Firestation


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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