Autism Initatives Northern Ireland – ”Nothing but the same old Story”

Latest update on shameful Autism Initiatives and their untrained, unqualified employee’s violent abuse of the Mainman.

For Love of the Mainman......

The Mainman is still suffering after receiving severe injuries while in the care of Autism Initiatives and Liverpool City Council – shame on them and the male support worker involved in the incident…….. [shall I name him] ….. I’ll name him in my next blog – did I tell you he has never been registered to vote – never been on the electoral roll…… now there may be a simple explanation for this…… I sure would love to hear it – he’s a man of mystery …….

As we know Autism Initiatives sacrifices the client rather than tarnish their reputation as they did with the Mainman.

Autism Initiatives also practice in Northern Ireland again as in Liverpool the clients received extremely poor care

Northen Ireland Social Care found a support worker while employed by Autism Initiatives wasn’t fit to practice due to misconduct on the 4th & 8th September 2017…

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3 Responses to Autism Initatives Northern Ireland – ”Nothing but the same old Story”

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Audrey, As for this person not being on the Electoral Register, chances are it’s because they live in a Home Of Multi Occupancy, probably an overcrowded illegal one which subsequently allows Landlords to make more money from people who want to keep their costs and out goings down and to avoid paying any Council Tax. Frankly Audrey, that’s the only reasonable explanation and the only way the individual can avoid paying Council Tax and staying off the Electoral Register. If it’s not a congested HMO, it’ll be him or her staying with someone who’s not disclosing their full income. Either way, whatever the reason is to remain anonymous to a Census or Electoral Register, there will be some illicit criminality involved in this deception.
    As for this fella being a mystery. He’s not. Not to me. He’s a spineless, cowardly, weak willed, short tempered, impatient bully of a man who’d easily lash out and hurt a vulnerable person rather than pay his way in society and show some compassion toward those who are not in a position to defend themselves.
    Let’s hope one day in the future this bully encounters another more violent and disturbed bully who then teaches him the lesson in shame of uncontrolled anger, greater strength without disability and he gets the ever loving shit kicked out of him during a prolonged attack outside an Ale House where people will observe the beating and do absolutely nothing to help him throughout the dreadful ordeal. Perhaps then he might understand how your boy felt when he was unfortunate enough to encounter this horror of a human being!

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  2. Joedd says:

    thank you so much for your comments and support – we both hope for the same thing……


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