Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex – Wirral Mayoress

Former Wirral Mayoress, Elaine Foulkes, apparently spreading a malign influence amongst fellow holidaymakers, trying to enjoy themselves…


Now we can all agree that everyone should be allowed to let their hair down on holiday and behave in a way they perhaps wouldn’t do at home. However there comes a point when certain types of behaviour become not only questionable they potentially cross the line into criminality. What’s more when there are people involved who condone such behaviour and they either once held or still do hold prestigious public positions we think it is legitimate to ask questions – yet again -about their fitness to hold public office.
As our previous introductory post suggested we have received some serious allegations about conduct unbecoming a former Wirral Mayoress. In this particular case the allegations are concerned with Elaine Foulkes , who you may remember was  Cllr Steve Foulkes ‘ consort when he held the position of Mayor. As you know the latter is a former leader of the Wirral…

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5 Responses to Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex – Wirral Mayoress

  1. wirralbizz says:

    paul this deserves maximum publicity which one wonders whether the Echo or Globe will give it any.

    FOULKES appears hapless here but he chose his wife. He was with her before and during the incident but somehow his elevated lustre as former Leader and Mayor failed to instill any decorum into his partner.

    Like wife like stepson.

    Now I know that Foulkes lied to an investigator and a picture surfaces that along with Crabby Crabtree suggests we are all poorly served, abysmally served by our representatives.

    Why apart from expense, o why did Whitehall not send in Commissioners in 2012?

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    • Wirral View just dropped on my doormat and there’s a half page spread on Antisocial Behaviour


      • wirralbizz says:

        The Yorkshire man may be of pakistani origin but a British citizen. I would be boiling if I were he. This type of behaviour constructs a chasm with our minority ethnic citizens..and I emphasise citizens.

        A former mayoress who does not accept the political settlement and actively insults and provokes, one wonders why ever she was made mayoress.

        It is not an exaggeration to say that Elaine socialism resembles national Socialism in the facet that both she and they disregard the established rights of some of their own fellowcitizens

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  2. Bobby 47 says:

    And yet, in our skewed and fucked up Britain where there seems to be a socio design that allows the politically powerful to behave badly and behave openly and overtly racist without any consequences, a silly young woman in Hereford (See Hereford Times) who wrongly posted a piece on Facebook that was very racist, gets hauled before a Court, gets convicted and then is required to carry that burden of a conviction for the rest of her young life that’ll prohibit her from ever getting a job in any public service.
    Is this young woman wrong? Of course she is, but to think that she can post on FB, get some likes and then on the advice of her Mom delete the message, you’d think that that would place her beneath Mrs Foulks on the cruel and wicked scale of punishments. No! Not here. Not in Britain. Not nowadays where the humanity and consistency of British Law has long since flown out of the bloody window and placed the politically powerful in a very different league to me, you and this silly young woman from Hereford.

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