RIP Tim Salter and Denis Jones. Is This What You Wanted Iain Duncan Smith?

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Iain-Duncan-Smith415Ever since this Government weren’t elected the question has been raised whether Iain Duncan Smith really is a murderous tyrant, or whether he’s just a fucking idiot.

The truth is that it doesn’t really matter anymore.  The end result of his policies will be the same whichever is the case.  A result as tragic as it was predictable, as poverty not seen in generations returns to the UK.

The recent case of Tim Salter, who committed suicide after benefits were stopped due to the brutal Atos assessment regime, is far from the first death directly linked to welfare  reforms.  At the end of last month two suicides linked to Atos assessments were reported in just one week. Also reported just before Christmas was the death of Denis Jones, a disabled former soldier who died alone five weeks after his benefits were stopped.  Whilst his death was recorded as natural causes…

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2 Responses to RIP Tim Salter and Denis Jones. Is This What You Wanted Iain Duncan Smith?

  1. pat says:

    Do i have a case against WBC, i am affected by the bedroom tax, £23 per wk, in May i was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumour, the same day i also received a letter from my housing association informing me that they were starting court proceedings to evict me, because of bedroom tax arrears, i eventually had my operation to remove my tumour & spleen, then developed septicemia, was in hospital for many wks, i have since found out that i would be exempt from the bedroom tax after reading Joe Halewoods info posted on his site

    I have been put through excessive stress and undue worry while being very ill, having to cope with major surgery etc, & the added worry of losing my home, and all because of a housing benefit decision maker in WBC who did not do their job correctly,


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thanks Pat. Hope you’re feeling better. My advice would be to contact your local CAB and / or a solicitor who specialises in the area. I’ve read the info at the link you provided and echo all of that. Joe is not a lawyer, so like me, he can’t issue legal advice.

      But if you’re feeling up to it I think it’s worth pursuing.


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