#FoI request ~ Wirral Council’s monitoring by the Information Commissioner. Can I have the info?

Way back in January 2013, Wirral Council were monitored by the Information Commissioner’s Office for the SECOND time.  This lasted for 3 months, between January and March.  I don’t think any other local authority in the land has been through this process twice.

But, being pioneers down through the annals of incompetency, and ever keen to keep on pushing the envelope and breaking new ground, Wirral Council failed to learned a thing the first time around and were soon caught sobbing on the naughty step once again.

I allowed plenty of time for the dust to settle, before lodging the following FoI request with the ICO, asking for the results of their monitoring.


They basically came back and told me that the public interest in withholding the information trumped the public interest in releasing it.  I noted at the time that many of the reasons given for withholding were based around it still being a ‘live’ process.

Well, it isn’t now.  In fact it’s approaching the anniversary of the start of the second monitoring period, so I thought it would be a good time to ask for the information once again.

There’s not much to report here and now, so I’ll be back updating this thread probably shortly after Christmas.

Bye for now !

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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