Dispatches ~ Wirral Council’s alleged Contract Impropriety and Subsequent Whitewash

17th June 2013

Wirral Council appears in Channel Four Dispatches programme about “How Councils Waste Our Money”.  Link to Wirral section here:

What wasn’t mentioned here is that two of the suspended officers, David Green and David Taylor Smith, have now been paid off handsomely to the tune of £171,000 between them.

The cynic in me tells me that the council have been kept up to date by “somebody in the know” (hmmm, who was interviewed for the programme?) *winks* ……and the news about the latest pay offs was released just late enough to avoid being included as a footnote to the broadcast programme.

Read here how Richard Penn failed to correctly declare “no prior association” with Wirral Council prior to being commissioned to carry out the investigation.

In light of this, how can his contribution be regarded as in any way “independent”?  How can Richard Penn be seen as impartial?

I believe this fundamental failure to declare and place “no prior association” onto the record renders his investigation invalid.

Here are some links to Richard Penn’s investigatory record, going back years.  We can see how he is the man to get in touch with……. if you’re a senior council officer in trouble.

Nobody on Wirral was surprised therefore, to hear that Richard Penn had reached the conclusion that there was “no case to answer”…..

…. for who?  Four senior council officers in trouble.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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