Whistleblower Martin Morton speaks to Community Care Magazine

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4 Responses to Whistleblower Martin Morton speaks to Community Care Magazine

  1. dms91 says:

    Well done Community Care magazine for allowing Martin Morton to have a voice on behalf of others. Very worrying that the “internal processes” didn’t support him! Seems the process is set up to protect wrongdoers. Its wrong wrong wrong! How dare they! Well done Martin! It took an ethical man to challenge this!


  2. Redsearcher says:

    T’was a very brave thing to stand your ground and despite huge odds and I suspect a tremendous amount of duress and stress, you eventually helped the very people you were trying to help all along. It is a disgrace that managers and the organisations they purport to represent saw fit to try and smear you and falsely turn the spotlight on you. And at what cost to you personally? There are so many injustices and unlawful activities occurring that as a society, unless we start to make a stand, things will just go from bad to worse.

    And before you know it, we’ll be staring oblivion in the face.

    I know that sounds pretty dramatic but I firmly believe that things are that bad that our idea of a democratic society in the UK will just break down. We’ll be plagued with so much civil unrest that we won’t be able to pick up the pieces and put our nation back together.

    Anyhow, I salute you sir as whistle-blowing is not being supported by those in power. Further, they’re ignoring it as a concept for righting wrongs and placing the onus on the individual(s) to prove they’re not troublemakers. That in itself is an absolute scandal.


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