Workplace trouble? A phrase bank for those lost for words

The support provided here is in reaction to the threatening, depressing and extremely dysfunctional condition of many of our workplaces, both in the public and private sector.  Despite hollow words of reassurance from employers, local and central government and the Chartered Institute for Professional Development (professional body of HR people) this has intensified since the downturn in the economy, and many employees are suffering and off work through ill health or unfair suspension.

I’m now offering to assist people who may have lodged a grievance, are considering whistleblowing, or are being bullied, harassed, intimidated, victimised or otherwise discriminated against.  With new moves towards openness and transparency, and a growing awareness of the protection that exists for whistleblowers, many feel confident in speaking up – because they couldn’t continue to witness abuse / malpractice and didn’t want to be yet another bystander.  I can’t get involved with the tactics or directly contact and support employees in their disputes, but I am providing phrases and passages of text for you to pick up and use.  These are designed to assist and to help employees wrest some control back from their workplace tormentors.

I’m planning for this help to become fully categorised and to be targeted on the regrettable situations that develop when you raise your head above the parapet and become “the person to be eliminated at all costs”.

Check back here, as I’ll soon be providing help for the following potential scenario.  This may develop, ironically, when you openly place your trust in managers to provide you with assistance and support:

  • You are involved in a dispute and have lodged a grievance.  Behind the scenes, your employer, rather than assisting or supporting, looks for “dirt” on you by questioning your work status or professional ability.  An ambitious colleague is called upon to meet with managers.  Here, they will aim to gather negative information from the ambitious employee about your competence in the role – which can then be used against you in a future disciplinary hearing.  At an early stage, any hearing will not yet be called for or justified, but will eventually be required when a number of “charges” have been ”fleshed out”.  These can be manufactured during an “investigation” – the main purpose of which will be to trawl for evidence to build a case against you.  There may also be a carrot dangled and a reward offered to participating colleagues

For now, you may have followed a link from the website, or from Twitter, and landed here, looking for help.  Thanks for your interest and for dropping by.  Please feel free to copy and paste, amend and use any of the following bullet points in your ongoing dispute correspondence.  There is much more detail here.   To start with, here are some generic and broad-ranging phrases which may prove useful:

  • If staff / customers / the public perceive that not everyone is treated equally, that some get preferential treatment, and that people who break the rules are allowed to get away with it, or are even rewarded, respect for the employer will be constantly eroded and its reputation undermined
  • Through the employer’s lack of recognition and failure to act, I have been made to feel undervalued and worthless
  • It is deeply worrying and concerning to learn that the correct practices, clearly outlined in our policies and procedures were not followed, and almost certainly ignored.  It is right that accountability should be forthcoming
  • In anybody’s eyes, this conduct amounted to wholly unacceptable behaviour
  • These practices paint a disturbing picture of a bungling, dysfunctional and incompetent employer
  • Action is required forthwith, to ensure that committed and dedicated employees are protected now and in the future
  • The independent investigation identified serious concerns, systemic failings and unacceptable behaviour – by those charged with a responsibility to act fairly, professionally and with dignity.  These issues now need to be addressed as a matter of priority
  • These disturbing findings need to be addressed openly and in full view, leading to accountability for those involved.  This is required in order that the public / customers / staff members can see what went so tragically wrong
  • It is now beyond question that there were deep, serious, yet foreseeable failings
  • The employer should now turn its energies to focussing on an immediate review and an overhaul of its whole approach in this area
  • Urgent action must be taken in the most fundamental areas, in order to address and resolve these issues
  • The employer should now be committed to ensuring that any lessons that can be learnt to prevent this happening in the future are swiftly acted upon and the appropriate measures put in place

These are a quick taster and I hope you find them useful.  They can be chosen and slotted into your correspondence with the employer.  Words and knowledge are power.  There will be more to follow soon which go into much greater detail and are targetted at particular workplace dispute scenarios.

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